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It's Been A Long Time

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It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you with out a dope beat to step to. Okay, that's my way of saying I am sorry I fell off the blog planet and into some dark hole. Since the last time I posted a bunch of things happened and I am hoping that the order is correct here. I got hitched, I became a dog mom and I am a full time boss babe now. My business has grown in ways I couldn't even dream of. We went from creating retail spaces in studios to pop-ups to our VERY OWN STORE FRONT! OMG, OMG. It has truly been a dream come true. Not only do we sell the flyest fit-fashion in all of San Francisco (true story) but we have cultivated a bad ass community. I live for our customers. They are smart, savvy and stylish women who celebrate life and encourage our success every single day. I have two very strong feelings from all of this: gratitude and exhaustion. HA.

No one tells you how NOT cute you look while running your own business because the weight of the world is on your shoulders and not in a "look how much I can lift and squat now" kind of weight. More of like I could be totally crushed right now kind of weight instead. All joking aside, it has been equally the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had. I 1000% love it. And that is why I am sorry but not sorry I have been MIA. I have been creating the ultimate experience for me and other bad ass women who like to look fine while they break a sweat at the gym and in life.

I am however; trying something new...putting myself first. Last week it was chaos, someone couldn't go in to the shop and I had to go in unexpectedly. I was going to cancel my training session and instead, I closed the store, got my butt kicked and went back to the store emotionally, mentally and physically stronger. Was that the best decision for the business? I'm not quite sure but the truth is, it was the very best decision for me. I ended up having a great day engaging with some of my favorite people. When you run your own business, home, etc. it is easy to become last on the list. I have decided I will now be first so I can give to others. That whole saying about if you don't give to you, you can't give to others is not a cliche, it is gospel my friends. Part of me giving to *me* is writing again. So if you missed my quirky and slightly sarcastic humor, consider it your lucky day.






An Online Boutique Just for You:

Photographer:  @Barbarajayy , Model:  @Aprildenise , Stylist:  @KOREbyKelly    Shop the look on:

Photographer: @Barbarajayy, Model: @Aprildenise, Stylist: @KOREbyKelly

Shop the look on:

I took my passion and finally made it my profession. When started my journey on the KORE Blog, I shared everything from fitness moves to my favorite fitness fashion brands. As a fitness teacher and enthusiast, I became thoroughly obsessed with fitness fashion. I would teach and then meet my husband for a drink or girlfriends for brunch and I still wanted to look cute. I spent my whole career in fashion & beauty advertising. Being dressed to the nines was part of the job and I enjoyed that. I wasn't going to change that part of me.

So I moved to San Francisco about a year and a half ago and I kept rocking my New York fit-fash style and people kept asking me "where did you get that?" and they kept asking for styling advice too. Before I knew it, I was providing KORE curations via retail experiences in four fitness studios in San Francisco and LA. I decided that I wanted to offer KORE curations to women everywhere in the US (I also have a lot of awesome friends and clients in New York). So, I launched, an online boutique led by style and driven by a performance based life. 

I hand pick every single item on the site. Literally. You won't get exhausted clicking away because I only carry a select number of items and brands. I do the hard work so you can go on enjoying your life. Think of KORE as your personal fit-fash stylist. If you like our style, you're set for life. I pick items with a street style lens. What that means is that I pick pieces you could wear a couple of different ways or easily transition them into other facets of your life. 

We are also consistently making magic...KORE photo shoots is where we get to show you how to rock it. I style all of the looks the way I would wear them IRL. I want to give you the inspiration you need to rock these pieces. I don't need to take a million fitness pics, you know that you can work out in most of it (some pieces are in act more lifestyle based) BUT what you want to know is how to wear it the 90% of the time you aren't actually sweating in it. Follow us on Instagram for a serious dose of inspiration: @KORE_Collective Because I like to blog and talk a lot (which also translates to the way I type), I am keeping the blog goodness alive on KORE Collective

I am super proud of this brand that we continue to create very single day and I wholeheartedly love what I am doing. I hope you enjoy the KORE experience and share it with friends. 






Find these HOT pieces at Ritual Hot Yoga

Hi Friends!

I have been keeping busy and launching retail experiences at select studios in SF and LA! I most recently partnered with Ritual Hot Yoga to create a retail experience that will provide you with the right stuff whileheating things up and then provide you with delicious comfort while you cool them down! Sharing with you a quick video of some of the great pieces we kicked off with. Racks will be consistently refreshed with new pieces from select brands and collections. Come visit RITUAL and the KBK Retail Experience!



How to Rock Graphic Tees

You don't have to be a certain age to wear graphic tees, they are highly suitable to every age. It adds a little flare to the basic tee that you would normally wear as a layering piece. In this look, I layered a chambray shirt and a leather jacket over my Luciana tee. KORAL Moto leggings and moto boots provided a little edge. A black leather jacket and bucket bag also finessed this studio to street ensemble. 

Head on over to Mighty Pilates in San Francisco to try and buy some of my favorite curations or email me at: for personal shopping!

Photo by Lisha Wang



Easy Transition from Studio to Street

Put a belt on it!!!! I started by marrying this amazing Joah Brown Live in Tee with KORAL Moto Leggings to get my sweat sesh in. Then I grabbed a belt and cinched it all together so you could see my waist. I work out so I can keep that thing in tact so I might as well flaunt it.

Then I paired these magical Barbara Bui flats that immediately elevated and made this look even more feminine. Some of these Aquazzura ones are to die for or you can go with this don't break the bank pair from Aldo

My sports bra shows but who cares. I think these simpler straps keep the look clean and elegant.

Once you are ready, grab a clutch and go. Wait for your fave person who is always late in the most ultimate studio to street style. 

I am offering personal styling services and you can email me at: for a personal order on select pieces. If you live in San Francisco, come find an amazing curation Styled by KORE by Kelly at Mighty Pilates and start with a sweat sesh!




Jeans You Need Now

There was a time when I had more pairs of jeans than pairs of underwear. When I was teenager, I had a part time job. I have always been a hustler so one summer I actually had three jobs at once. Strangely in my 30s, I feel 16 again but not in a good way. More like, I have 10 jobs now. I wish I was a saver back then but shopaholics are made young. Every time I got a new pay check, I did what every responsible teenager did; I spent it. I would go and buy a new pair of Paris Blues jeans. Does anyone remember those? I didn't think they still made them until I started writing this article. I am pleased to announce that they still make them and they are available at Target! Now that I no longer live in New York City, I actually live near a Target. I think I am going to go there and try them on to see if they still fit as sweet as I remember. Follow me on insta @KOREbyKelly so you don't miss out on the outcome. I always bought the flare ones because the 70s were popular then. Come to think of it, I don't think the 70s ever freaking left. They say you should hold on to things because they come back in style. It would be amazing if I could fit into the same pair of jeans 18 years later but I guess I'll never know now. 

So this has become a post about Paris Blues jeans? That was definitely not my intention. I got all nostalgic and I digressed. What I wanted to say is that I also had a pair of metallic jeans, cheetah jeans, snake jeans, red shiny jeans and a bunch of other heinous things that come to mind. I looked cool so don't worry. It all worked back then. These days however; I am pretty conservative with the amount of jeans I buy. I found myself donating so many pairs once I came to this realization that I was a jeans hoarder. So when I splurge on a unique pair they are meant to really stand out yet be versatile enough to fit in with my daily needs. I found this pair by 3X1 and I decided that I would let them take a coveted spot in my closet. I have paired these jeans with a light sweater and espadrilles for a laid back and polished spring/summer look. I added a block heel and a silk tee for a dressier look but the options are in fact endless. Click on the below photos if you'd like to shop these looks!

Photos by Elena Eshleman and taken at Harding's NYC



How to wear ruffles (without looking like a cake)


Sometimes I love to get dressed super girly so I was pretty pumped when I saw ruffles and bell sleeves make a comeback. A few things come to mind when I think of bell sleeves. I was in a talent show in the 7th grade. I was in the show with the "cool girls" and we thought it would be brilliant to wear tight black bicycle shorts (yes people actually wore those outside of a spin class, SoulCycle didn't even exist yet), a big ruffle top - mine was amazing- and a choker. 2 out of 3 of those things are popular again. This was in fact "the 90's". Two things make me cringe when I think about that experience, 1.  that I wore those tights in public and no my shirt did not cover my booty and 2. we danced to Janet Jackson's "If I was your girl" and I had no idea that song was inappropriate but the entire audience sure did. Now that I have shared my Little Ms. Sunshine personal rendition with you, let's move on to the fashion part of this post because I am personally still cringing. A brand who I think is killing it with this trend is N/NICHOLAS. I am going to show you a few looks I put together with just a few items.

These statement tops need very little help to work their magic. I am obsessed with the first off the shoulder fringe trim top . You can pair it with skinny jeans like I did (even white ones come summer for an all white ensemble), a pair of shorts with a simple pattern, denim shorts or leather leggings are all great choices too. I got it from SHOPBOP (it's on sale there: you're welcome) and wore it to my bon voyage party in NYC. It also comes in a dress that is equally to die for. I went with the shirt versus the dress because I felt like I could get away with wearing it more often. The second top is a flared top with short sleeves, this is the current version available and also on sale. This one is shorter so I liked wearing it with a high waisted pair of flare jeans. I might try some shorts that are loose around the stomach come summer. The last top has a little more sex appeal and should be reserved for when you are looking to pull out all the stops. I like the idea of a long necklace outlining your décolletage as the perfect accent. I kept the same pair of skinny jeans on for this look. You can keep the bottoms super basic with all of these pieces.

In all cases, when paired with jeans, I kept things tame with a nude sandal. I decided to take it up a notch with a higher heel and more fem features when wearing shorts. I pulled out an amazing pair of Moschino's that I have had for a while but you can get a similar cool look with these puppies. Lots of my jewelry that I wore were gifts from bae, some Alexis Bittar statement bracelets make a nice touch.

Special thanks to Hardings for allowing me to capture these photos in their amazing space. We hosted our bon voyage party there and the service was excellent and the food was SO good. The hand cut fries and flat breads kept me full and fueled the night of our event. I would highly recommend them when hosting a private occasion, each room in their space has special character. At least get some delicious brunch there if you are in NYC. The lovely Elena Eshleman captured these great images.






How To Show Off Your Brazilian Bottoms

Let's face it, Brazilian women have rocking bodies. And not only are their bodies quente (hot in Portugese), they give zero you know whats about showing what their mama gave them. Being half Dominican, I have been raised to be confident about all the glorious gifts my maker gave me or in some cases didn't give me (the clay was mostly used for my lower half, they forgot my upper half). As a result, I have always been on the braver side when it comes to pushing the limits. In college, there was a Brazilian clothing store close to where I grew up. I bought a few pieces there and looking back on some of those pictures, I failed to realize that the freshman 15 or in my case Florence 15+ wasn't wearing well on me so my hem lines could have been longer and my size slightly bigger. But looking back I am also proud of myself. I have always been confident and embracing of how I looked even when it wasn't necessarily my personal best. Something every woman should be is confident, please embrace every bit of you!

So when I first encountered then Candida Maria leggings in a store, I kind of knew they were Brazilian before anyone even told me they were. I mean, look at them. They are screaming Carnival! They are also asking "please, please, please dance samba in me"! The new brand name is brazil//wear which is genius because everything Brazilian pretty much performs brilliantly (think the craze behind the Brazilian Butt Lift). So yes, the prints are pretty cray. They are a go to spring/summer brand for me, I also love the fabric. It's so soft and silky so you might be strangely touching your rear in public. I recommend you revisiting my booty work out video on YouTube so you can proudly flaunt your assets in these pants. Go on and strangely touch that fine booty of yours! xo

This fun shoot was captured in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



How To Rock Head To Toe Leopard

Photos by:  Elena Eshleman

Photos by: Elena Eshleman

How to rock head to toe leopard is easy, you need one essential accessory that is not sold in stores: fierceness. Bring your absolute fiercest attitude with you when rocking an outfit like this. You need nothing else, I promise you. I love a good animal print especially when it's tastefully done in the right palette, one encompassed of neutrals. These Live the Process pants could be worn with a million other sweaters or even a denim shirt like this FRAME DENIM Le Military denim shirt that I am obsessed with...I threw on an old Helmut Lang shearling jacket that I have had for an extra touch of animal (please say "animal" in a French accent in your head, the spelling is unfortunately the same as English but that is the effect I was going for).

So bad news, these are sold out BUT I am sharing with you some other amazing animal prints that I love. First, I have to say that I am totally digging Live the Process. The material is so, so, so yummy and the V in the back of the pants accentuates your derriere like a Kardashian. Lastly, the sports bra is a little longer than the average and the pants a little higher at the waist so I felt comfortable rocking a set like this sans shirt.  They have another awesome spring set (leggings and matching bra) in the same cuts currently available on NET-A-PORTER . I am really into these ALALA (I love typing their name out) leopard leggings in a greyscale. It's a creative twist on leopard and another amazing neutral you can wear the heck out of. The matching sports bra that crosses in the front gives me something else I can't buy in a traditional store: cleavage. This set is beyond sexy and will require you to stand on fire hydrants in case you set your self en fuego. These Pretty Little Things multi-color leopard pants are a fun twist on the concept and won't break the bank. You can also mix and match an array of sports bras for fun.

Did you think leopard could be this FUN?!



How To Rock High Waisted Leggings

A high waisted pant shows off way more of your waist than you think. It's not all about sports bras to show off the fruits of your labor. A high waisted pant highlights the trimmest part of your waist which is your actual waist line. In this case, showing less is in fact more. The frontal support you get in the tummy area provides more comfort which always leads to more confidence. No need to play tug of war in these pants while coming into a squat position. I am a super big fan of this cut and I couldn't love this wild print done in muted colors more. I like that Onzie leggings are reasonably priced in the grand scheme of "premium leggings". The fabric they use is light weight and dries fairly quickly after a sweaty sesh.  I decided to pair these Onzie bamboo high rise leggings (which are on sale) with an old school Onzie high neck crop top , it's a staple in my closet. The high neck keeps this top super balanced because it compensates for the little belly skin on the bottom! I have had it for about a year now and I wear it to death. I layered on a Blue Fit Life mesh sweatshirt that I also had in my closet, a classic leather moto jacket and some mesh cut off gloves for extra edge. My Illesteva sunglasses matched perfectly and Isabel Marant wedges completed this look. 

Voila! Rock away! Enjoy these cool backdrops found in none other than Williamsburg, Brooklyn. xo




Photos by  Elena Eshleman

Photos by Elena Eshleman

I've been very curious to take Theory+ for a test drive again so where better than on a Citi Bike. My first encounter was with a cool pair of white pique track pants that I bought last summer. They were great and kept me mindful of my squat game.

Since, I have been wanting to try their performance tops or fitted pants. Theory is know for its clean lines and classic silhouettes and it's a brand that I have always considered reliable. You know you can lean on Theory for elevated basics so I was happy for these items to deliver.  The fabrics provide a sense of luxury, the lines are clean yet embracing of curves. The crop top still needed a sports bra under it as it wasn't fully lined. The pants concelend just a tad bit more but any tighter and I would have overshared. I thought that a red top and bottom would have been excessive but the color red was just right and the silver stripe made it extra sleek. I'm pretty sure you can stop traffic in this outfit. For fun, I layered on some Norma Kamali silver shorts, this silver foil boyfriend sweatshirt can be an equally cool addition. The silver Veja sneakers took this look next level. 

So now, things start to get weird. I have no idea what is happing with this line. I got these pieces on Net-A-Porter and now I no longer see the brand there. I see them on sister site the Outnet which makes me think maybe they have some of their last pieces. Theory's website draws a blank and google has given me no investigative leads. If it's not coming up on Google, I simply don't think it exists any longer!?  I am not sure about this brand's future, I'll update you shall it resurface on my next hunt. You can grab similar crop tops and some other pieces on the Outnet. Don't sweat in them too much in case they become a relic. Heck if you learn anything, kindly let me know as I'd like to put this big mystery to bed now. It will be sad to see this activewear line forced to sit out by the sidelines should that be the case.



Less Is More

When I pack for a vacation, I get super stressed. I don't love packing because there are just way too many decisions to be made all at once. I have also evolved into a different kind of packer, I went from packing six million emergency scenario outfits to the bare minimum. You know what I mean about the emergency scenario stuff "what if we get invited to have dinner on a yacht by Beyonce and Jay-Z? I should really pack that evening gown". As if. Those scenarios never happen and you get annoyed you brought that bulky thing which means you have no room to bring anything new back.

Instead, I now pack within specific color schemes i.e. all neutrals. An array of colors that will warrant many shoes = baggage. I try to pack as efficiently as possible. I want to eventually be declared the "carry-on queen". Although I have become ruthless with what comes with me and what gets left behind, I do not get cheap on space when it comes to packing work-out wear. Unfortunately, I have recently found that it takes up too much space, because I need just about one outfit per day. This brings me to my newest obsession, reversible pants by WITH. WITH stands for: Wear It To sweet! I found these bad boys at Bandier and they have two different prints to choose from that offer the same awesome reversible benefit. Essentially, you could get away with packing 1 pair of pants, 2 sports bras (including a matching one) and find yourself with 4 options! Sadly that took me a while to figure out.

While styling these options, I also had so much fun pairing each print differently where I made one option look sweet and the other slightly sultry. Two of my favorite neutrals are in the print: black and white. Converse sneakers made one look more relaxed and Isabel Marant wedges took the other look up a few notches. I liked the effortless vibe of this Urban Outfitters denim anorak jacket which I promise you, I might make you sick of. Start planning a vacation so you can make an excuse to buy these. Love you, mean it xo

Photos by: Elena Eshleman



Aerie Keeps It Real At The Studio

barre picture for insta .jpg

Photos by Elena Eshleman 

So, I walked by American Eagle and I was compelled to go in when I saw the most darling wrap and matching leggings. I love rocking feminine pieces while getting strong. I knew I had to pick up a few pieces and take them for a test drive. I have put together my favorite picks, these items have been selling out like hot cakes so if you want to unleash your inner dancer, go get them!

1. Aerie Luxe Wrap Bralette  I love this item with the matching leggings but I would also rock it with looser fitting sweats or plain black tights. It comes in pink too but that shade of pink totally washes me out. It would however look nice on someone with a darker complexion. 

2. Aerie Luxe Leggings I decided to go with the matching grey. I love this with a plain white tee or your man's wife!

3. Aerie Cross Back Crew Sweater since I teach a lot, I am always looking for pieces I can layer. I normally start out cold when teaching and end up warm. I love this sweater as a basic staple. It even has those great little snaps to set your sports bra or regular bra in place. I love this piece. I would wear it to the gym and beyond. 

4. Aerie Pretty Back Tank  well this name seems to be a dead giveaway. This is like the polar opposite of the way they name nail polishes. Essentially this tank has a pretty back. I like it as a layering piece. I used it over a classic black body suit in order to tone it down.

Aerie makes a lot of great pieces at affordable prices, I love the idea of mixing this into my sweat-sesh. Hope you enjoyed xo



KORAL Keeps It Hot!


So when your amazing friend who is a talented photographer says, "hey let's do a shoot in the middle of the snowstorm", you of course say yes. I mean, there was nothing to think about. I thought to myself two things: how epic will this experience be and how amazing will these pictures look?

A fashion challenge had been presented. I had to source an outfit quickly. I knew if I ran into Bandier it would be a home run. It is generally impossible for me not to like something in that store. I had already been eyeing this outfit from KORAL Activewear.  It is olive green and I absolutely love that color. I couldn't help but think how perfect this color was going to look with my Sorel boots. I'm crazy but I'm not crazy enough not to wear warm shoes in the middle of a snowstorm. Sorel's are worth every penny. By the end of this shoot, I was pretty sure I was frostbitten everywhere except for my sweaty feet. 

The vision started to come to life. These lustrous leggings were exactly that, the shine added an extra element to the snowy backdrop. If I was going to do this, I was really going to do this so the matching sports bra had to be part of the equation. I needed a matching jacket for this look. I ran over to Athleta and I found this Derek Lam 10C Athleta Collaboration jacket on sale (man that was a mouthful). It also has shine to it! I love the high neck and detachable hood. This is definitely a post work out transition piece. It is a very sharp looking jacket.  Since this jacket has sleeves that fall at the wrists, I enjoyed pairing some extra long black leather gloves for extra glam.  A fur vest would make me feel like a true model in the midst of the storm. 

We froze, we laughed, we chased guys who skied down the middle of the street in the East Village. The sanitation workers were grateful for our show and we were grateful for their clean up efforts so it was a win-win.  In the end, you only live once....I enjoyed hot cocoa and Downton Abby upon returning home. Life couldn't be any sweeter.

Hope you enjoy these photos, bundle up! xo



Mix And Match Affordable Pieces From Forever 21

Today I want to share with you a Forever 21 Haul. Spicing up your work-out wardrobe can get expensive but I found some really great layering pieces that you can rock at the gym or when sprucing up your outfit post sweat session! Hope this video provides you with some inspiration on how to mix and match different pieces. 

Tag me on instagram with any of your amazing finds @KOREbyKelly, I’m nosy….share with me!

Have an awesome weekend! Make sure to grab a resistance band and keep it moving in spite of the snow xoxo



Tighten Up Your Tights Game

I get asked a lot what is my favorite brand of leggings. Truth be told, there are a lot of brands that I love. And, I love all of them for very different reasons. Some provide me with extra support for a tough workout, some are super absorbent for a heavy sweat sesh and some just make my butt look better than even my favorite pair of jeans. Needless to say, I can talk about leggings until I am blue in the face but today I will start by sharing 5 types of leggings you need NOW:

1. The Perfect Print: 

The Upside feels so damn good. I am obsessed with their fabrics. Plain and simple, these pants feel luxurious. I have a solid pair of grey leggings from the brand but I love purchasing their printed versions. They create limited quantities so when a print is gone; it's GONE. I love the print in The Upside Dark Lily NYC leggings particularly because of the color palette. It has some of my favorite neutrals including grey, blush and blue. I would rock this with a pink or grey cashmere sweater for a cool post workout look. If you are one of those people who freak out if your underwear and bra don't match, you can wear the matching sports bra too, it would look amazing under a sheer top.

2. Sheer Sexiness:

These days a pair of black leggings with some sheer panels is a must. You absolutely have to have a pair of leggings that makes the guy on the treadmill next to you wonder if you managed to sneak in some undergarments. You never know, you could end up walking out of your favorite class with a new number. I really like these Onzie Colorblock Track Leggings they come in other colors too if your version of "black" is a "navy". This pair from Forever21 will give you the same effect and save you a couple of bucks if you are not ready to fully invest in this look. I would wear these bad boys with a longer top to balance this look. I'm a big fan of this Nesh V-neck tee with a sheer panel in the front. It still keeps this look fun and sexy while giving that guy on the treadmill a reason to remain curious. I am lately obsessed with my new APL sneakers that have specks of black, gold and silver in them, it really takes this look up a notch (please note these sold out so I have shared an equally cool version below). I would go with those on the treadmill and a wedge sneaker off the treadmill. 

3. The Jean Replacement:

Besides fitness being my line of work, I do find myself replacing jeans with leggings very, very often these days. Reason being is I am more comfortable and I feel sexier in leggings. Something about being in a material made for movement and self-improvement gets me pretty giddy. There are some really great leggings, which in my book are a no brainer in replacing jeans. I love these Joah Brown Cut Loose Leggings , I pretty much would double down on Joah Brown and rock the leggings with this sexy tee or maybe a slouchy sweater. Add a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors (I'm a high top kind of gal) sneakers or Adidas Originals to be the queen of cool.

I also think a pair of lustrous leggings fit the profile of a jean replacement. Koral Activewear makes a great pair, you also can't go wrong with a pair from someone who has been making leggings cool and affordable for a while now, American Apparel. A moto legging can also replace a jean or even the same look you’d achieve when rocking leather pants. Add some moto boots for extra edge. 

4. The Bold Print

These leggings differs from the first pair of leggings I described because this is a fun print that speaks more to your personality then what matches 75% of the shirts in your closet. Going with a personality packed print from Zara Terez like these Above NYC Leggings will definitely turn heads as you walk to your favorite class. Being a New Yorker these speak to me. They carry endless prints that pop including a collaboration with Instagram's Mister Krisp. Remember that you can save 25% using promo code: Kelly25 when you shop Zara Terez. If you have a daughter or little sis, you can rock matching tights! I would stick with pretty basic tops when rocking these prints, they are meant to stand out!

5. A Pop of Color

Every so often, I don't wear black (surprise) and I try and wear a pop of color when I'm not rocking a print! A fierce color provides a subtle intensity. I feel like I really mean business when I decide to rock a pair of colorful leggings. I love red leggings, like these Vimmia Core Leggings, blue is also a fun hue; you can splurge on these Lucas Hugh statement leggings or rock a solid metallic for a little extra edge. I recently added these Alala Metallic Cropped Leggings to my leggings family. I'd also let these pants be the star of the show and keep the top simple. At most, I'd rock a graphic tee like this Private Party Avocado Toast one (yum).

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tag me on insta to share some of your KORE Style inspired looks @KOREbyKelly xoxo



From The Boardroom To The Barre

There are a lot of fitness brands that can fully transition into an après work-out scenario. But that scenario is usually brunch, errands, cocktails (why not) or something that allows a loud printed legging or a cute crop top to come into the mix. What can be challenging is finding pieces that can be transitioned into and out of a work environment. As some of you know, I was in corporate before I decided to work for the coolest boss ever (me), and I also had the privilege of traveling the world for work. Once, I landed in Singapore after the longest flight of my life. My room wan't ready so I showered in a tiny bathroom where the toilet and shower were practically one. You may think it was very James Bond of me but it was not sexy at all. I had also watched The Fault In Our Stars on the plane so I was very emotionally unstable; the bathroom shower did me in. It would have been sweet to have had the opportunity to rely on what I wore on the plane if had to come down to it. I mean, let's be real, I would have still needed to wash my face and reapply deodorant but what if my flight was delayed and I needed to jet straight to my meeting? When you have a busy day the slightest shift in your schedule can spiral things out of control, so it's great to be prepared for life's little surprises. 

I was really excited to learn about ADAY and their "wear-anywhere" line of clothing. A huge distinction is that ADAY does not consider itself part of the "athleisure" pack, they are instead creating a new category that speaks to the brand's high fashion lens and truly transitional pieces. The goal is that these pieces complement your active and spontaneous life. I love that idea. I'm pretty spontaneous (or at least I like to think so) but I am also well aware that sometimes life has its own plan for my day. Maybe you get pulled off the wait-list and you get in to your favorite fitness class or maybe you worked out hard that morning, slayed a pitch at work and want a celebratory drink afterwards. In any event, you shouldn't have to compromise your life and the decisions you make based on what you are wearing. That sounds kind of ridiculous when you think about it, no?

A lot of the tech-luxe fabrics help with moisture which I think is also good in every day work scenarios. Every time I had a big pitch, I was a sweaty mess. It's nice to think that there can be clothes to support you through high intensity moments in and out of the gym. I decided to take this concept for a test drive. I brought a couple of staples from my closet to see if I could put together some "boardroom" appropriate looks. I put together 6 looks for you that can take you from the Boardroom to the Barre! You would only need to pack one transitional piece in these scenarios for your sweat sesh, I'm sure it will take up less space than your laptop in your bag.  These gorgeous photos were shot at the ADAY SOHO office in NYC. I'm sure you will be tempted to pick up some of these pieces so enjoy $10 OFF of your first order using the promo code ADAYlovesKelly (the love is mutual).

Scroll to the end of this post to get some fashion and business inspiration from Founders Nina Faulhaber and Meg He. These rockstars were recently featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 under the Retail & E-Commerce category. Forbes called me too but being that I am a mature 33, they couldn't feature me.





·       A Printed Silk Scarf

·       Office Appropriate Shorts & Tights (this will depend on what industry you are in, use common sense people, don't send me on an email saying I got you in trouble with HR)

·       Boyfriend Blazer

·       Quilted Purse

·       Statement Ring




·       Black Culottes

·       Animal Printed Pumps

·       Structured Bag

·       Cuff Earrings




·       Skater Skirt

·       Tailored Blazer

·       Classic Pumps (with a pop of color)

·       Neutral Clutch

·       Classic Earrings




·       Black Leather Shell

·       Tuxedo Blazer

·       Animal Printed Pumps

·        Studded Bracelet




·       White Silk Blouse (cuff links optional)

·       Black Low Heeled Booties

LOOK 6: "THAT'S A WRAP" (add pumps to dress this up!)



·       Super cool kicks

·       The desire to fly, run, sweat and live

I asked Nina and Meg....

1. What is your in-office style? Do you have any styling tips to share with us?

Nina: I like to style ADAY with my other favorite brands such as Phillip Lim or COS. I normally keep my outfit the same from day to night but change shoes and lipstick: sneakers and Glossier coconut balm during the day, and boots and red lipstick at night. At the moment, our Brakes On Leggings are my all day, all night go to and I've recently made it a uniform, so it takes out the stress out of my mornings.

Meg: I like to add in texture + a print to our staple pieces — my favorites are Preen, Erdem and Alexander McQueen. A black Dream Harder tank on textured black on differently textured black is an exciting combo, then + lipstick (Heat Wave by NARS) and I'm all set for day or evening (yes, I'm lazy / efficient :-)

2. Any New Year's resolutions to help support your continued success in 2016?

Nina: I'm going to celebrate happy moments and enjoy the ride.

Meg: Be happy with where I am. Too often I've been frustrated or angry at not being good enough or fast enough or doing enough. Here's to recognizing that the present is a beautiful place.

The yogi in me can't help but absolutely love these responses. I'd take a play from their book any day! Stay present and watch the magic unfold. xo



Winter Essentials To Keep You Moving!

Yes, it's freezing but NO, that will not slow me down! Winter can be brutal, but playing catch-up on your fitness routine come spring will be way worse. Think about it: does that groundhog ever look fit when he comes out of his burrow in February? Is anyone saying, "Wow, check out his biceps?" If we're anything like our furry friends, we eat a little extra come winter -- but since we don't move into a cave and hunker down until spring, it is imperative that we KEEP IT MOVING! "I get it, when the weather dips below freezing, we all kind of wish we could stay warm inside our burrow." However; you don’t have to hibernate or suffer in the cold. There are so many options that can keep you warm while you brave the outdoors, whether you're heading to your favorite class or working up a sweat outside, there are solutions! Here are some of my favorite pieces to keep you stylishly moving all winter long. xo





I am Grateful For YOU Giveaway

Hi Friends!

I could not be more grateful for all of YOU. I am so touched by all of the love and support that I have received since I decided to launch KORE by Kelly. You all inspire me each and every single day to keep living my dreams. Without you, the struggle would have been harder and each step forward less sweet. I whole heartedly appreciate each and every one of you for reading, following and sharing. I appreciate that you give me words of kindness, with out knowing, on days I need it most. 

With that said, I am hosting my FIRST ANNUAL (which means that I am here to stay and not going anywhere) I am Grateful for YOU Giveaway!  To enter, you have to follow me on instagram (or already be following me) @KOREbyKelly and tag a friend who you are grateful for this year! YES, let's spread the love! A random winner will be sepected on Friday at 6 pm EST. The prize is $100 to one of my fave online stores inflow STYLE (who I am also grateful for).  In case you forgot, it's the online store I featured in "Be The Life Of The Party" post with the awesome pineapple pants. They have amazing brands like Saucha, Dharma Bums, GOLDSHEEP, Blue Life Fit and so many more! Please share with friends, love you, mean it.



All That Glitters

It's easy to wear silver, sequence or gold and feel like you should host a party for your friends and hang from the ceiling so they can dance underneath you. Good news is that you don't need to serve as a human disco ball if you feel like brining some glitter and glitz to the party. Silver and gold ARE the bright and shiny object so give in and let it take center stage. Give these prima donnas their moment to shine and rock subdued items to let them stand out. Alternatively, some complimentary accents can help to turn up the volume just a little more.  Follow me, I'll show you the way:


In this first look, I took a standard outfit where I would normally wear jeans and I replaced them for a little oomph. Cue: shiny tights from Top Shop! It says they are bonze in the description, to me they are like a goldish/bronze. What I really like about them is that they have a subtle snake pattern with hints of black outlining the snake like pattern. That outline made it very easy to pair them. I wore a black cami that I got from Top Shop. I would highly recommend one of these as a closet staple. They come in an array of colors. I love the boudoir like straps especially under my v-neck cashmere boyfriend sweater, it balances the masculinity in the sweater with some feminine sexiness. I wore the Saucha sports bra I featured a few weeks ago under the cami, the straps matched perfectly. Finishing touches were my Loubie booties and gold mirror DIFF sunglasses, they add a tad more shine. This look is pretty versatile, you can totally rock this for a fun brunch, night out (and ditch the sweater) or for a holiday family event.

So I am totally obsessed with this dress. Full disclaimer: it's a little bit itchy, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I love this body hugging number and the amount of shine is just perfect. I took this look up a notch by adding a little but more glitz via complementary accents. The Chanel cuff that I am rocking is PERFECT with this look. I am also wearing a fur coat by Yves Solomon which makes me ready for pretty much for anything fabulous. I wore a spanx slip under the dress because of the itchiness and if I'm being honest, I use them in lieu of undergarments when wearing a very form fitting number. My Chanel cross body bag, Loubie booties and some black sunnies are the icing on this silver cake. In both looks, I kept my make- up pretty natural, no need to make this party into a circus.

I hope you enjoyed these looks and that they provide a little bit of holiday inspiration. Looking forward to sharing more looks with you in the upcoming weeks. 

Thanks Nat for the wonderful pictures.

Love you, mean it.