There was a time when I had more pairs of jeans than pairs of underwear. When I was teenager, I had a part time job. I have always been a hustler so one summer I actually had three jobs at once. Strangely in my 30s, I feel 16 again but not in a good way. More like, I have 10 jobs now. I wish I was a saver back then but shopaholics are made young. Every time I got a new pay check, I did what every responsible teenager did; I spent it. I would go and buy a new pair of Paris Blues jeans. Does anyone remember those? I didn't think they still made them until I started writing this article. I am pleased to announce that they still make them and they are available at Target! Now that I no longer live in New York City, I actually live near a Target. I think I am going to go there and try them on to see if they still fit as sweet as I remember. Follow me on insta @KOREbyKelly so you don't miss out on the outcome. I always bought the flare ones because the 70s were popular then. Come to think of it, I don't think the 70s ever freaking left. They say you should hold on to things because they come back in style. It would be amazing if I could fit into the same pair of jeans 18 years later but I guess I'll never know now. 

So this has become a post about Paris Blues jeans? That was definitely not my intention. I got all nostalgic and I digressed. What I wanted to say is that I also had a pair of metallic jeans, cheetah jeans, snake jeans, red shiny jeans and a bunch of other heinous things that come to mind. I looked cool so don't worry. It all worked back then. These days however; I am pretty conservative with the amount of jeans I buy. I found myself donating so many pairs once I came to this realization that I was a jeans hoarder. So when I splurge on a unique pair they are meant to really stand out yet be versatile enough to fit in with my daily needs. I found this pair by 3X1 and I decided that I would let them take a coveted spot in my closet. I have paired these jeans with a light sweater and espadrilles for a laid back and polished spring/summer look. I added a block heel and a silk tee for a dressier look but the options are in fact endless. Click on the below photos if you'd like to shop these looks!

Photos by Elena Eshleman and taken at Harding's NYC