Photos by:  Elena Eshleman

Photos by: Elena Eshleman

How to rock head to toe leopard is easy, you need one essential accessory that is not sold in stores: fierceness. Bring your absolute fiercest attitude with you when rocking an outfit like this. You need nothing else, I promise you. I love a good animal print especially when it's tastefully done in the right palette, one encompassed of neutrals. These Live the Process pants could be worn with a million other sweaters or even a denim shirt like this FRAME DENIM Le Military denim shirt that I am obsessed with...I threw on an old Helmut Lang shearling jacket that I have had for an extra touch of animal (please say "animal" in a French accent in your head, the spelling is unfortunately the same as English but that is the effect I was going for).

So bad news, these are sold out BUT I am sharing with you some other amazing animal prints that I love. First, I have to say that I am totally digging Live the Process. The material is so, so, so yummy and the V in the back of the pants accentuates your derriere like a Kardashian. Lastly, the sports bra is a little longer than the average and the pants a little higher at the waist so I felt comfortable rocking a set like this sans shirt.  They have another awesome spring set (leggings and matching bra) in the same cuts currently available on NET-A-PORTER . I am really into these ALALA (I love typing their name out) leopard leggings in a greyscale. It's a creative twist on leopard and another amazing neutral you can wear the heck out of. The matching sports bra that crosses in the front gives me something else I can't buy in a traditional store: cleavage. This set is beyond sexy and will require you to stand on fire hydrants in case you set your self en fuego. These Pretty Little Things multi-color leopard pants are a fun twist on the concept and won't break the bank. You can also mix and match an array of sports bras for fun.

Did you think leopard could be this FUN?!