Yes, it's freezing but NO, that will not slow me down! Winter can be brutal, but playing catch-up on your fitness routine come spring will be way worse. Think about it: does that groundhog ever look fit when he comes out of his burrow in February? Is anyone saying, "Wow, check out his biceps?" If we're anything like our furry friends, we eat a little extra come winter -- but since we don't move into a cave and hunker down until spring, it is imperative that we KEEP IT MOVING! "I get it, when the weather dips below freezing, we all kind of wish we could stay warm inside our burrow." However; you don’t have to hibernate or suffer in the cold. There are so many options that can keep you warm while you brave the outdoors, whether you're heading to your favorite class or working up a sweat outside, there are solutions! Here are some of my favorite pieces to keep you stylishly moving all winter long. xo