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Rock Velvet Like A Vixen

Well, the holiday season is practically upon us so I am sure that you are going to need plenty of inspiration in the upcoming weeks. Being that it is almost Thanksgiving I am in a giving mood. I'll be sharing some awesome looks in the upcoming weeks you can rock this holiday season and any time you feel like looking like a fox.  A lot of these looks will make sure that you are the mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and apple pie of the party. I make that reference because I don't eat turkey and those are literally my favorite items on Thanksgiving. I'm jumping the gun and dreaming of Thanksgiving already. I need to SLOW down but I can't help myself with the Farmer's Market outside my apartment selling cider, pumpkins and pies (OH MY).  Until then, be conscious of your diet because these looks are ready to hug every little curve on that sweet bod. Let the parade begin. Scroll down to the end of the post for some links on these items, both central pieces were inspired by Nasty Gal. Thanks Nat and my hometown Astoria for the endless inspiration. Love you, mean it.


This little number is tastier than the infamous dessert. This dress is from Nasty Gal, they know how to create the right balance between sexy and edgy. I totally vibe that. I paired this number with black opaque tights so you can't see what I had for lunch in this picture (well, hopefully not) and some Christian Loubies. I like the bootie for a less formal look, I would rock a pump if I wanted to do the impossible and take this up a notch. I put on some statement earrings that I already had, they happened to just match perfectly. They don't get a lot of play from me so I was excited to wear them. I think: GO BIG OR GO HOME with this look. Who wears velvet on a basic day? A little fur, Chanel and a red lip can never steer you wrong. Don't be afraid to be as decadent as a red velvet cake when rocking a look like this.


Although this romper has a plunging neckline it has a more "conservative look", I am obviously using that term loosely here. What I am trying to say is that this look has more subtle sexiness to it as opposed to the red velvet body con dress. Got me? I am rocking this Nasty Gal romper with the same opaque tights and booties. I added on a structured blazer that I scored last year at Intermix by Marissa Webb. Most structured blazers would work with this look. The earrings are also another pair that I found in my jewelry box that I hadn't worn in ages. I don't wear my opulent pieces often but once again, the velvet and plunging neck line compelled me to accessorize. Velvet brings out the baroque in me so I also added a gold clutch that I have had probably since the 17th century. I think that both of these looks are so fun because you can take risks that you normally wouldn't. You live once, might as well wear some velvet. Don't be afraid to add some garnishes!

blue velvet 2.jpg



Be The Life Of The Party



True story, I was SO MUCH FUN in my 20s. Pending my haircut and hair color, some years I was more fun than others. I went through a weird Joan Jett phase (let's never talk about that again) and there is a reason I decided to go blond again, you really do have more fun. I was also highly confused, I thought that bars were dance floors and I made myself at home on top of bars anywhere from NYC to Mykonos. I was the friend who would party with you until the club closed and it took no convincing to get me to go to after hours, I was there. FOMO existed within me before it was even called FOMO. I thought it was just the obnoxious voice in my head. I am pretty certain I will lose my hearing when I get older due to all of the speakers I danced next to (and even on) but it's okay as long as I can still downward dog when I'm 96, I'll consider it ALL WORTH IT!

So what about now. Am I boring? NAH. I will never be boring and neither should you. Yeah okay, I don't dance on top of many bars anymore A. because my boyfriend wants to run for President one day --PAUSE-- I am going to need an Olivia Pope for all this and B. because I don't need to go to a party, I AM the PARTY. HA. That was so fun to write out loud.  What I am saying is that I don't take myself so seriously anymore. Even though I danced around the globe I took my self SO seriously then. Now, I've learned that life is too sweet, too short, too amazing to take it so seriously. I enjoy every single waking moment and every beautiful blessing that I have in my life. If you stop and look around every so often, you'll see that abundance surrounds you. Moral of the story is that you should make life one big fat party but skip the hangover.

One way that I make my life a party is by fashion. I use fashion as an outlet to let my personality live OUT loud. I take risks with fashion. I wear gold and glitter and fur (you could probably hang me off of a FENDI bag the way I look sometimes). Every time I get dressed, I treat it like a daily adventure. Who will I be today, what inspires me? These are strange yet beautiful things I say to my closet in the morning (when it starts talking back, that's when I have really lost it). It is important to wear things that reflect your personality and the many things that you enjoy. If you wear, crocs, no judgement. I just hope you love to cook and maybe you stand in them all day.

So where is this all going you ask? Today I am profiling the amazing inflow Style. The reason I was inspired to share my party story with you is because when I first went on this site to get a vibe for what they carry, I could almost hear good dance music playing in the background. I immediately felt sexy in spite of whatever the heck I was wearing while trolling the site. The best part is that it felt more like an "effortless" sexy sensation versus a "trying too hard" sexy sensation. Leave it to Cali girls to help you feel that way. When I started to think of what "look" I wanted to put together, I was drawn to GOLDSHEEP and I literally said in my head "OMG its like a party on your pants". I wanted to get in a pair of these leggings STAT and go to a fun dance class. They make me a little nervous because I know I am going to sneak a peak in them while in svasana or meditation (btw you should never do that during svasana). I just feel so freaking excited knowing there are pineapples on my pants. THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Make your every day moments the party.

So it turns out that GOLDSHEEP means someone who stands out in a crowd. We were all made to stand out. ALL OF US!  (BTW, I am using lots of caps due to excitement and I am practicing for when I am hard of hearing one day). So get a pair of these and rock them like nobody's business.  The designer Keri Wilson is from Laguna Beach (so lucky). She started this brand by taking pics of stuff and then put them on leggings. It is a more thorough process than that but you get it. I LOVE THIS! Talk about another woman making life into a party. She took inspiration from the world literally around her. Fab. I love my pineapples but I had a three day (I am not even kidding) struggle over whether or not I should get the pineapples OR the Gold Lights Leggings. It still kind of keeps me up at night. Another true story is that I also had a massive debate on whether I should go black and white for this post because the Blue Life Fit cropped black and white leggings are also to die for but then who knows if I would have confessed my Joan Jett haircut.

For my top, I went with the Saucha Heidi Crop. It is on sale for the cost of an average boutique fitness class in NYC so get this. If you live anywhere else it is about 2-3 classes for lucky you. I also debated whether I should get the Saucha Ryan Crop  top OR the Frankie top. They are all amazing but I went with the Heidi because I was recently in Germany (just kidding) no but seriously, I went with that one because it has boudoir inspired straps and I will rock this under a million shirts even when I am not going to the gym. 

I topped this look with the Joah Brown Crop That Tee. The name cracks me up. I needed something basic and versatile like this. This will also go to the gym and BEYOND. And, it is crazy soft. I recently shipped back a tee-shirt I ordered from an online store (not this one) because it was polyester. That pissed me off. Who wears a polyester tee? This one you will sleep in. Checkout the GOODHYOUMAN Goal Digger tee. You know a lot of people may break their neck looking at you or give you dirty looks and then feel really bad about it. I find that so funny.

When it comes to finishing touches, the sunnies are DIFF. I know you are sick of me wearing my blue Illestevas all over insta. It's okay, you don't have to say it out loud. I know. I wanted something fun (of course) and I like the black rim with the bling bling gold. I added my SAM puffy vest that my sweet mama bought me for Christmas last year. They have a very similar version if not the same one again this year. Mine also came with a hood that is detachable. I love a vest, it is an amazing layering piece and it has endless possibilities. Even though the French brands may be too cool for school, I made them indulge in a little bit of balloon action with me. I added my Isabel Marant Etoile sneakers and my Saint Laurent bucket bag. Two items that you would need to claw off of me. 

All in all, this site has ridiculous stuff because it is curated by a team of two beautiful sisters inside and out (look at their picture, it is really not normal how beautiful they are)  who have sick taste and know how to live life to the fullest. The below picture is of them in Ibiza. Need I say more? I am totally joining as the 3rd wheel next time. They are rocking Saucha tops and GOLDSHEEP Pants below so we are already on the same page. Their inspiration is bad ass. They played sports and wanted to crush it while not looking like a dude. So funny, I feel like this comes up so much for us ladies lately. Sadly, it goes beyond sports and in some cases into the board room. Femininity should be embraced so I am loving these ladies for exactly that. Their #1 goal is "to help women be the best version of themselves and understand that having the ability to workout and eat heathy is a BLESSING when it is so often looked at as a chore". UMM that won my heart over. It's all about perspective you have a beautiful mind, body and soul, it is truly a blessing to have the privilege of taking care of it. I am girl crushing. 

Links below. Thanks Nat for indulging my balloon request. Love you all. Mean it. xo



Edgy Post Work-Out Look

HEY! Happy Hump Day. Want to cheer you up with a little fashion flavor on this gorgeous and strangely warm day (in NYC at least).

I have a new video live on YouTube showcasing how I rock a sweet pair of The Upside leggings with my most favorite thing in the world: LEATHER.

Enjoy and Subscribe so you don't miss my cooky self in these videos xo 

Please excuse the very strange face I am making in the opening frame.



Layer Me Up

What's fun about the fall? Pumpkins which really get no play all year long except for Starbuck's exceptional pumpkin loaf (that makes me weak in the knees), apple cider virgin or spiked and slutty halloween costumes. That sounds like a solid list to me?! I also find it delightful not to fight as much with the clothes in my closet. Now, when I don't know what to wear I just put loads of things on. I literally start stacking one on top of the other. As it gets colder, you should see how many items I manage to squeeze under my pants (sounds dirty but I don't mean it that way...get your head out of the gutter). This is a perfect example of me applying the rule of "layering it up". When in doubt add tons of layers and accessories. You simply can not go wrong.... Well, use common sense ;)

In the first picture, I took the popular bell bottom 70's trend and went with an awesome pair of Rag & Bone jeans. It made me feel much longer which isn't hard when you have a 5'3" frame. Go with these that I found on sale at Intermix recently. They are slightly darker but the same brand and fit so might as well get the cheaper ones. I went with a cool nude palette. I took a blue cashmere turtleneck from my closet, a beige waist coat I purchased at Zara and a hat I bought in Japan last year. When it comes to cashmere, I always stack up when it goes on sale. A turtleneck is not going to come in or out of style, it is a pretty standard staple. I prefer to pay around $150 versus up to $400 for cashmere (just saying). I would keep my eye on Gilt, they have really good sweater sales and had one just a few weeks ago. I am rocking a round toe beige See by Chloe boots from a few seasons ago and a cool brown suede and fringe bag I bought in Croatia. I really like these brown See by Chloe boots this season, you can easily rock the brown with this look too. This picture does it not do my foreign bag any justice so I will have to share another picture of it with you soon. This is my "casual cool" day look. You wear the hat + sunglasses when you REALLY want to avoid eye contact with people. Sunnies are Ray-Bans.

I then spruced this up for evening or something where I would like to feel even more polished for by adding a fur vest and pointy shoes. The fur vest and pointy pump elevate this look very seamlessly. The fur vest is also in my closet archives, I must say that I think Intermix has a pretty amazing fur selection. This guy is a rabbit and doesn't break the bank too much (apologies in advance to those who find fur offensive). Look at the pics on Intermix, I love the way she tucks it in the back and flaunts her booty. The pointy pumps are Louboutin, these are a similar ambiguous color and I love the shape. I bought the ones I am wearing because they kind of camouflage and match everything. The Givenchy bag doesn't hurt in completing this look. I selected this pic from a few so you could know that I've always got my eye on you ;) The second one just feels fab, like "bye, I'm so important, I have to go". You get the vibe and I'm sure you rock it often...

I hope you like this one. Let me know if you have any layering dilemmas in the mix, always happy to help you. I could totally see this waistcoat with flannel or with a long sleeve dress, something bodycon would be sweet under this...the list and inspiration is endless.

A booty work out with Katie will be on my YouTube Channel this Sunday, don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you get all of the updates: KORE by Kelly and watch yesterday's Chia pudding video, those little suckers are tasty.

Love you, mean it. xo



Wine + Leggings...Say What?

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I don't know about you but I have wine on the brain.... A LOT of the time. There is a new video up on my YouTube Channel showcasing how to pair a delicious pair of Michi Shiraz leggings. The very en vogue wine color this season. I am showcasing two ways to pair it for after the gym and one features the awesome fringe sweater from this past Thursday's post: Fringetastic and the other features an item that will be the highlight of this Thursday's fashion piece maybe you can guess what it is and tell me? It's awesome to have pieces you can dress up or down and these are all very versatile. I hope you stay inspired to sweat it out all week. Hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss a beat.

love you, mean it.





It's all about that fringe, fringe, fringe....that's the song I play in my head when I think about fringe. After all, it's party like quality makes me feel like it deserves its own anthem. Fringe is the perfect fall pick me up. It adds a layer of fun to any look this season. And the range is big, you can rock fringe boots, purses, jackets, skirts, tops, and I am sure that someone has come out with fringe knickers for after hours. If not, I may go into production immediately. The combination that gives me heart palpitations from sheer excitement would have to be fringe leather. Need I say more?

One very simple word of advice when wearing fringe and I hope to God this is an obvious one but don't wear multiple fringe items at once. Okay there I said it. I am sorry if that was like ridiculously obvious but I had to say it. It is like any high velocity trend: A LONER. Big trends don't like company, they want to be alone and stand out like the narcissist that they are. I would also "help" them stand out by wearing slightly understated items. Essentially let them be the primadonna that they are. 

In this look, I rocked an AHHHMAZING  Zara sweater that truly makes me smile just by looking at it. It has awesome long fringe in a faux leather. I paired this with black head to toe leather. Understated yet edgy. I let the fringe own the spot light. I am rocking a few items that I already had in my closet as staples. If you click on the Pinterest link below, check out my "Fringetastic" board, I put together some items in different ranges that can help you achieve this look. The skirt is Narcissco Rodriguez , the black leather crop top is anonymous. Some shy guy decided not to put a label in the thing so sorry, can't help you there.  The sick boots are Prada. They are one of my Top 10 favorite purchases of all time. I am also wearing another Top 10 on that list, my Chanel cross-body bag. I topped this off with a red lip courtesy of Nars: Cruela and some Chanel sunnies that I own. You have to bring your own swagger. Bring the swagger because the fringe loves to move in the wind. 

Hope you enjoyed this. Leave me some love and tell me that you did. It gets lonely talking to myself out loud here AND follow me on insta stop trying to play coy, follow me already.

Thanks Nat for humoring me and letting me twirl around in the street like a big kid.



Boho Babe


Boho Babe

Let's face it, it is getting cooler outside. The hot bod you worked on all summer is going to have a few layers covering up your masterpiece for the next little while. With that said, bring on the comfort. Summer makes me think of lots of leg, and body hugging clothes. I am kind of looking forward to going to brunch and knowing I can sit back comfortably because I have a big old sweater on my side. I am a health and fitness person so I am NOT saying eat everything in sight and slack on your fitness regiment but what I AM saying is be excited to embrace not being on display 24/7. I plan on enjoying the clothes that I could probably fall asleep in if I were put in a comfy corner. You are kind of a human blanket in some outfits. This look is inspired by just that (yes being a human, I don't really mean that). It provides comfort and the ability to really layer it up as it gets colder. In spite of me using large and baggy pieces, there is a sense of looking "put together". Don't wear a stupid snuggie and think that is cool, that is never cool unless its your brilliant Halloween costume.

For this look, I was able to take a pair of overalls that I bought in the spring and even wore on cooler summer days and transition it into fall. You can add stockings or leggings under the overalls and even a sweater over the long sleeve tee as it gets colder. This is truly a versatile piece. I got these at Zara way back when but Old Navy, Gap  and Target has some reasonable pairs if you don't want to splurge on this item. I wore a long sleeve black tee that I bought at Gap what feels like a decade ago. In all honesty, it is probably charcoal (sounds better than washed out) by now.

I got these amazing booties at Zara that I love. I saw some similar designer pairs last year that I almost splurged on but the style felt almost too basic for the splurge. I am happy with what I spent and what I got on these. The booties make the look more "polished" I almost went with a black pair of Etoile Isabel Marant sneaker wedges that I recently got on the Outnet. That would make the look even more casual cool (I know you are wondering if that is even possible?). They come with hiddeous shoe laces in the pic and I was like "who cares, I will change them" and to my surprise they had an extra pair of good old plain black laces in the box. That is a WIN-WIN! They still have some and I was shocked till no end that a black pair was on the Outnet. Get them, they will be regular price every where else. HURRY. Finishing touches of this look are a poncho from Zara check out the pic on their site, they dressed it up really nicely so this is not just a casual-cool item. I rocked my Saint Laurent bucket bag because it's awesome. I wore some Ray-Bans and a hat I bought at American Eagle on sale (woop woop), they have some nice hats at good price points. I kind of feel like a celebrity in hiding in this looks (love that) or like I could guide you through a sophisticated and cultural tour of Machu Picchu which is pretty much the same thing. I'll be sharing lots of fall style in the upcoming posts and differentg trends and how to tackle. If there is anything is specific you want me to cover, let me know. Find me in insta @korebykelly and my youtube channel @korebykelly. Find and follow and share me with friends...greedy looks cute on no one.

Thanks Nat for the awesome pics. You rock my world. 

Hope you enjoyed xoxo



Clothing with a Cause

So lately I care. And I care a lot. I care about so many things that I had electively turned a blind eye to for too long. I truly played the "ignorance is bliss" card but I no longer want to play that game because I care now. It is that simple, I CARE. I care about what I eat, what I consume and what I emit. Once you no longer want to turn a blind eye, be prepared. The "ignorance is bliss" saying is true. Once you are educated and no longer ignorant to what goes into your food, the products you use and the world you live in, a sense of responsibility develops. Mostly responsibility for yourself which is not a terrible thing. Once you look under the hood, you may decide that you want a new engine. Heck, you may want a brand new car. I decided that I am a smart and capable woman. Why am I deciding to remain ignorant on so much associated with my consumption habits? As a result, I am making some changes to my life. It's not happening all at once and sometimes I don't get to implement them every day but I have vowed to be more inquisitive so I can answer questions related to my own body, life and future. Spidey was right, "with great power (aka knowledge) comes great responsibility".

I would like to caveat that I am not perfect and I am not trying to be perfect. I don't even believe in the concept of perfection (sometimes I use it as a fun adjective but I don't really mean it in the literal sense). I actually spend most of my time working on fighting the "perfection illusion" (as my healer would say).  As a result, I have a mixed lifestyle that allows me to be exactly what I am which is human. Each day that passes, I try to improve in order to be the best version of myself. I try to eat "cleaner" or more "consciously", I try to minimize my carbon footprint , I recycle at home and in this case, I try to support companies with a great message when I can. Enough about me. I am here to praise The Reformation and their ability to create clothing with a cause. It is time to highlight their awesomeness.

So, you have got to love instagram. I kind of fell into the Reformation via Instagram and even Facebook.  I saw so many friends and amazing women who I follow on social media rocking this awesome brand. I was unfortunately a little late to the party. I say unfortunately because now i feel like we need to catch up on time we missed together. So I could write for another 3 paragraphs about all of the amazing stuff The Reformation is doing but in a nutshell, they are a Certified B Corp which means they use their business to help solve environmental and social challenges. For them fashion and sustainability is like soy milk in my cappuccino. They coexist in order to form a most beautiful harmony. They use sustainable fabrics, recycled hangers and have facilities source energy from renewable power suppliers. The list goes on and on. What they do for their employees and how they give back to their local communities is yet another reason this brand rocks. They have a petites line (under 5'4") which rocks my tiny yet wonderful world. My only gripe is please, please, please learn how to stock more. EVERYTHING RUNS OUT ALL THE TIME. People want to eat it up so just make more cake. You can check out some of the great things they do on their website.

I went to their store in SOHO because I wasn't sure how things would fit. In most cases it was pretty true to my normal size and in other cases I needed to go up one size. If you have a store near you, go try some stuff on. Otherwise order non-sale items online as you can't return the sale items (from what I have seen so far). I am sharing two things I picked up and love. I am sure this is just the beginning of items I will share with you from this great Brand.


Watch may just hurt someone with this number. I am rocking their Edison Dress and it hugs and loves in all the right places. It inspired me to pick up a similar body suit from Necessary Clothing that I shared in a post with you a few weeks ago. Reason why I didn't get the one the Reformation had was because it sold out (told you).

I paired this dress with black Louboutin booties, a vintage Gucci clutch, Celine sunnies and a red pout. I wore it a few weeks back to a Fashion Week event with a green/grey (hard to tell what color they are) pair of Louboutin pumps and I like how it lengthened my legs so you can wear this bad boy many ways. 

The material is thick enough where I felt comfortable, sexy and sufficiently covered. Don't dance to hard in this number with out a bra or you may show a little more than what you bargained for.

LOOK 2: This second look is fun and flirty. It's called the Robinson Dress. Check out how you can tie the top part in a variety of ways on their website. I also think this would be SO fun with some knee high socks when it gets colder. Weather was still warm and sunny when we shot so I went with my grey Aquazzura pumps, a nude Chanel and Celine sunnies. Nude is how I like it. There is a funny onesie like clip in the crotch area that I find amusing.

I hope you enjoyed these looks and I am giving you the best gift ever...the gift of having NO remorse when you shop. Now you will feel good with every piece you you are doing your part. In all seriousness, you are. Here's hoping you keep working on creating the very best version of the very best gift you have: YOU.

Thanks Nat for the amazing pics and Des for being Creative Director on set. Love you two too as much as I used to love Entenmann's cake before I decided to care about what I consume and now I don't eat it. 

PS Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel, last week's Fashion Video is up. I appreciate you sharing my posts, videos and insta with your friends too (don't be greedy). 

LOTS of <3 Kelly




Sheer Elegance

As a little girl, you probably went to ballet lessons, dressed up in a tutu or looked longingly at a ballerina in something like a holiday Nutcracker performance. The first ballerina I fell in love with was my sister. As you can see here, she was a sweet as pie and still is. Me on the other hand; I preferred to terrorize people and hit the bottle. 


In spite of what that pictures shows, after my hard bottle hitting toddler years I developed into quite the girlie-girl. I think I would have enjoyed ballet (who really knows) but after our parents split up, the extra curricular activities unfortunately ended. I think I naturally moved into focusing on academics and eventually building a more "stable career". Watching a single mom rock the world on her own will put the fear of God in you. Essentially, I wanted to be "independent" and "successful" because it was the "safest" thing to do. What I have learned now, well over a decade after my more "traditional career" is that "success" and "abundance" can also manifest within your passions.  I'm using the heck out of quotation marks because its all relative, everyone has a different definition of those words. I obviously decided to throw caution to the wind and embody what the ballerina represented to me as a child: an artful dreamer. I am dreaming... now, today and every day since I decided to build a life not based on fears but based on actions that bring me sheer joy.

I think I was drawn to barre because it fueled my childhood "ballerina-ish" dream. I got to use a barre, some ballet like moves and take it up a notch by conquering push-ups and other things that made me feel fierce. It was a style that complimented the kind of woman I am...feminine and fierce. When I teach barre, I love watching everyone's long limbs move and shake :) I also started dressing way more fem (and wearing red lipstick...why not?) when I started teaching. Something about looking more feminine at a barre class allows me to further tap into the type of physique I am working myself and my students towards.

Today, I am featuring some looks inspired by the ever elegant ballerina by using some pieces from the Ballet Beautiful line as the anchor of these looks. Ballet Beautiful is a line started by Mary Helen Bowers who has trained the likes of Natalie Portman for Black Swan. Don't worry, I am not featuring psychotic ballerina looks today. You can buy these pieces on their site or on Net-A-Porter. I scored my bodysuits on sale over the summer. Don't hate, they seem to be full price again. It has taken me a while to put together this piece, it had to be a ballet-worthy performance. I am also dedicating this post to my sister Tatum, the first ballerina I loved. She embodies sheer elegance in every sense of the word. 


I love this look for way too many reasons. As you all know by now, I'm obsessed with anything black and white. Also, this one look offers SHEER ELEGANCE during and after your work out. I felt like pure class even while I sounded like a sailor holding low positions for this shoot.

During the work out < which if you find a pole outside, the world is your gym so go for it> I wore a Ballet Beautiful Body Suit that I purchased from Net-A-Porter it's available on their site. I added on a pair of Michi shorts I had purchased from Intermix and wore the heck out of while teaching this summer. They are still available on the Michi website. I bought some standard ballet shoes from Chacott by FREED of London in Flat Iron. They were less than $25. The bun and red lip is optional. Sunnies are an old school pair of Chanel.

michi shorts 2.jpg

This is where I took the fun up a notch. Like a sexy librarian, I let my hair down to have a little fun. I bought this adorable skater skirt from Forever 21  I paired it with Chanel flats for a more classic look and a Chanel black cross-body bag which is worth every penny (so what if you have to eat cup of noodles for a while). 

LOOK 2: 

I decided to have a little more fun with the work-out portion of this look. I thought to myself, "I wonder how this would look if I added a little animal print for fun?" and to my extreme amusement it looks kick ass. I love the mix of naughty and nice here. I also purchased the body suit on Net-A-Porter but now they only have a creme version, Ballet Beautiful has it in black right now. I paired the grey version with a pair of awesome PRISMSPORT Yoga Leggings (its like me Yoga + Barre :) pants that I bought from Bandier a while back and used in one of my cover photos. They still have this best seller, I love them. Get them

Post work out, I went with a monochromatic look. I paired this bodysuit with a Scuba Skater Skirt from Forever 21 , my lovely Aquazzura Belgravia Lace Up Kitten Heel that I bought at Intermix last year and that they restocked this year! That made me feel SO good, like it wasn't as crazy of a splurge (me justifying things as always :)  The beige Chanel is die for. Love the neutral pallets of grey and nude coming together here. Vintage Chanel sunnies on my not so vintage face. 

Hope you enjoyed this. Don't forget to follow me on insta @KOREbyKelly and my NEW YouTube Channel: KorebyKelly

Thank you Natalie and Despina for being the best two gals (minus Diane) on location that a gal could ask for. Your attention to detail and creativity is so....kick ass. Natalie, I think Despina really is trying to take your job :p

xoxo twinkle toes



The KORE by Kelly YouTube Channel is HERE!


I started out in all caps because I am super excited to share that KorebyKelly now has a YouTube Channel! It is an environment where I hope you will have the opportunity to engage with me further and explore different kinds of content created by KOREbyKelly. The YouTube channel will have fitness, food, travel and fashion content. The travel & events content will be done in a vlog format sharing more of a "diary" like experience (I love diaries and I kept a diary until I was way too old). I am also gearing up to create an amazing arsenal of fitness videos so you can have the KOREbyKelly fitness experience at home. I'll also share my favorite fashion inspirations and quick and easy tips you can take with you regardless of where you go!

I would like the channel to be a place where you feel welcome to share your thoughts, questions and inspiration with me. I want it to be welcoming to everyone regardless of where you are on your health and wellness journey. I hope that you enjoy watching the first three videos: "Welcome to KorebyKelly", a yoga vlog "Yoga in Central Park and the Hamptons" and "Fitness Fashion: Transitioning into Fall". Expect new videos every Sunday. Please subscribe to the channel and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the content. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @KorebyKelly so you don't miss a beat! Would love for you to share this with friends!

Wishing you a happy and fulfilling Sunday xoxo




Cinch Me, Squeeze Me.

The summer is over and while we all mourn the bad ass laissez-faire attitude that the summer affords us, something about the fall gets us back into a routine. I secretly think that a lot of us actually welcome that routine. In New York, school is in session. But, I don't mean school for kids, I mean activities for adults that draws back all of the grown children from their summer homes in the Hamptons, NOFO, Fire Island, you name it. The US Open (now over), Fashion Week (wrapping up) and the UN Assembly (may never end) are all happening in this fabulous city in September. The Pope is even on his way here. I don't know about you but the Catholic school girl in me feels like I am being called in for penance of my summer sins. Yikes.

Fashion Week is a perfect distraction to make the beginning of fall a joyous occasion. Ironically we are actually looking forward to spring but the enviable fashion geniuses who have the craziest Fashion IQs show up to New York and provide us with endless inspiration from the front rows. I am sure you have shopped more than you normally do this week...who can blame you? Use your Fashion Week hall pass as a brilliant excuse to rack up points on your favorite credit card. Yes, I am the devil.

I would like to share with you today three looks that cinch and squeeze in all of the right places. Being a fitness gal this is a good reminder that just because bikini season is "over" (in my head it is NEVER over), it doesn't mean the diet is over. In fact, this is a perfect time to cleanse and get your body ready for a beautiful season that lies ahead. And who knows if you wake up on an island one day after a night of just really never know.

Look 1: Cinch Me

Just because it is fall, it doesn't mean I plan on becoming a nun. I will show skin and I will not cover up...just yet. I sing another tune in the frightfully cold winter. I'm obsessed with this look. I found this body suit at Necessary Clothing for less than $40. The Reformation makes a very similar one and is always sold out of it. I actually went to their store first and they didn't have it. I got my hands on something that accomplished the same effect and cheaper. Perfect example of "go with the flow", maybe the universe always has your best interest at heart ;) I bought some high, high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters. Considering I'm short, I am surprised they didn't reach my boobs. These jeans were $69. I am hooking you up. The accessories as always are like one to two months of rent (just kidding...kind of). But goes to show the right shell with the most perfect garnishes can achieve a splendid look. The bag is Chanel in case you have trouble seeing that jumbo bad boy (in which you may need to make an eye appt) and the booties are Louboutin.

LOOK 2: A little bit of a Squeeze

This look has a downtown cool vibe that can be easily be transitioned from a relaxed to a more polished look. The dress is from Urban Outfitters and it fits very nicely but the fabric is fairly thin. With this particular color, I wore a slip under not to give everyone a free show! I couldn't find it on their website but I bought it in stores earlier this week and it comes in black, coral and grey. It was less than $50. I paired it with a cool flannel shirt also from UO and $49, I tied it around the waist for an effortless vibe. I wore an awesome Rag & Bone hat, my Saint Laurent bad ass sneakers and Saint Laurent bucket bag. You must go to Astoria, Queens to Agnanti Cafe for the delicious frappe yourself. 

To transition this look into something a bit more "formal" or evening "appropriate". I took off the sneakers (just so you know takes like 20 minutes with all of those buckles), ditched the flannel and put on some Louboutin booties (from like 2 years ago but best investment ever). DONE and DONE. Just so you know, this material wrinkles kind of quickly.... Oh and how could I forget....I don't leave home without my J Brand leather jacket in the fall.

Look 3: A lot of a Squeeze

So this comes as zero surprise that I am wearing black on black. This look feels sleek and sexy. This dress pretty much hugs you everywhere and lets the whole world know if you had a big or small lunch (true story). I got this bad boy at H&M while I was in DC back in August. I LOVE going into stores that we have in NY in other cities to see what merchandise they get. Sometimes its different and sometimes you can find a size that you need. This dress was $49 and it has little slits for your thumbs which I die for. I've paired this look with the same accessories in look 2.

Don't expect me to entertain you here, I am drinking my wine.

This is me saying "No FAYE, I will not eat your tasty treats like brownies and chocolate covered strawberries".

This post would not be complete with out a very special thanks to Faye from Agnanti Cafe for letting us use her unique space. I grew up in Astoria and always love coming home. Faye has done something remarkable with this spot, she hosts local artists, singers, vendors for trunk shows, etc. She really does invest in the community she belongs to, such a great example. Oh and the food is pretty good too. 

Despinaki was may set designer and provided some great accessories, creative input and made funny faces for me to laugh. I would also be nowhere with out the genius work of my very scary Romanian photographer Natalia.

Love you guys, be good...the Pope is coming xoxo

P.S. Surprise coming soon, follow me on insta: @KorebyKelly to stay in the know!!!






OH Dress Me Derek...

I think I have a new fashion boyfriend and his name is Derek Lam. If he showed up at my house today like the Publishing Clearing House people and told me that he would dress me for a year, I would scream like any of those people who won a million dollars on TV. According to wikipedia he lives in Gramercy. I am very close to Gramercy so I see a restraining order in my near future. So, I think you have gotten the picture by now....I am thoroughly OBSESSED with the Derek Lam 10 C + Athleta collaboration. I ran to the store in my flip-flops yesterday and now I have to wear more of my Hello Kitty band-aids (my boyfriend would argue that I thoroughly enjoy this). I recommend you putting on sneakers and running there too because this stuff is hot and therefore likely to sell out as quickly as a SoulCycle class. The reason I like this collection is because 1. It uses my most favorite fabric EVER a whole lot: LEATHER! And 2. It has a certain level of sophistication. Crazy prints are so popular in fitness leggings (and I love them) but Derek takes an alternate route and jazzes up the traditional legging via color blocking. This speaks to his high fashion roots and provides a richer look to each piece. I would be great on Game of Thrones or in the Caveman era because I would be very pleased rocking leather and fur for the rest of my days. The fact that I don't eat meat is a whole other problem that I would have had...but in any event, giving me a leather item is almost as good as diamonds. In the winter, I live in leather leggings. I have a black, burgundy and a navy pair. I have been lusting over a pair of olive ones that I saw at Intermix (my jaw is open as I type this). So I had to buy the pair that my new boyfriend made. They are sick. They are like a mullet...except there are two kinds of in the front AND the back. The front is supple and soft leather and the back is a compression legging. Check this out: NO swamp ASS. They have an adorable grey waist band that I enjoy and they are $298 which is a whole lot less than any leather leggings I have ever seen. Go get these and LIVE in them. I want Santa to get me the Downtown Leather Jacket. I am sharing that here in case Santa needs help. I also want Santa to know this is the first item on my list and there will be more so keep reading until December :) The leather shorts and joggers are sick too. I guarantee you will exit the store with at least 1 leather item.

In the following look, I layered a Helmut Lang bra and a grey tee (old staples I will never get rid of). I rocked my new Saint Laurent bad ass sneakers and an A.L.C. hoodie that I plan on living in forever (scored the hoodie on sale at Intermix over the summer and the sneaks at Saks). This is an awesome travel look for cooler weather. I would only wear the sneaks if you have TSA pre-check because they are a real challenge to get on and off. I have my trusty Rimowa carry on and Saint Laurent bucket bag for this look. I borrowed the sunglasses off of Natalie's face and she doesn't know where she got themsorry. I went the extra mile with a dark lip, just felt so right.

With this look, don't be surprised if you get confused for being a celebrity. Just saying...

The next look is totally different. I bought his green color block set and rocked it with a denim shirt to break it up. Its paired with Chanel sunnies, a trusty KbK tote and a soy latte from Breads Bakery (yum). I hit one of my favorite places in the world: the farmer's market to pick up some fresh veggies for last night's dinner.

Thanks Nat for my awesome pics. If you need pics, she is the bomb and I am not greedy and happy to share:

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, see you Monday xoxo



Every Yogi Has Her Day

Yesterday I was lucky enough to join 10,000 yogis in Central Park for the Lole White Tour. Practicing with 10,000 yogis who were all wearing white as a symbol of peace reminded me of what feels lost in yoga lately . Don't get hysterical, let me explain....

I have been practicing yoga since I was 16, way before it was cool. I found refuge on my mat. My monkey mind learned to SHUT UP. Even if it was only for a few minutes within an entire one hour practice that was enough for me to be hooked. Coming to my mat at a young and impressionable age, I found the yoga community very welcoming. I didn't feel like I needed to already be "flexible" or "strong". I simply felt that I just needed to be me. Everything that happened on my mat whether it was mental, physical or emotional, made me a better version of myself one class at a time. Lately, when I tell people that I am a yoga teacher, I hear "I'd love to come to a class but I'm not good enough yet" or "I'm not flexible" or "I'll embarrass you". Can I tell you...that really pains me but on the flip side, I kind of understand where this is all coming from. Since we live in a world of social media overload, the saying "Comparison is the thief of joy" (thank you Teddy R.) could not be more true. We see tons of pictures of amazing and talented yogis doing the coolest things but that is not necessarily what yoga is about. What you see is a shape, achieving shapes is not the goal of yoga. The physical practice is actually used to help prepare for mediation, it is all about working on the "Self within" versus the image you see on the exterior. The concept of non-attachment is also a huge pillar in yoga. So, be a yogi starting today and don't attach yourself to the images that you see and be open to discovering that beyond the shapes there lies so much more in yoga. I am a teacher since 2008 and a student for over half my life now. I still can't do every pose and I have a fear of inversions. That doesn't make me a less qualified yogi, it makes me human. It also doesn't mean that I don't enjoy seeing the amazing physical capabilities of some yogis today or that I won't keep trying to nail a handstand. It simply means that I am going to accept the journey. Each one of us is made completely unique, anatomically there will be things I can never achieve and things that will cause me little or no effort. Regardless, I am not attached. The goal is not to focus on that but the person who lies deep within. So don't let what you see hold you back. There are so many beautiful rewards yielded from a yoga practice. Find a teacher and a community that is willing to welcome you exactly where you are in your practice.

It is Thursday and YES it is a fashion post but I really needed to share that with you. I am going to share some great pictures of a very "New York" yogi look: all black. I look very serious in some of these pictures because I am concentrating to share some pretty "shapes" but don't let my resting serious face deceive you. I really don't take it all that serious. Scroll all the way to the end and I'll prove just that.

About this look: In these pictures, I am rocking a version of the Koral Activewear Lustrous Legging which I had purchased a while ago at Saks. I paired it with a staple that I have had for a while now, the Michi Empress bra which I purchased at Bandier. The version I have is still available on Michi's site. Bandier has the Feline bra which is very similar. I added a black fish net muscle top from Blue Life Fit as my finishing touch.

I told you...every yogi has her day :)  Thanks Nat for the action pics and Diane for not telling me dogs pee there. xoxo



The Perfect Print: Black, White, Neons and Graphics...Oh MY.

Today I am going to share another issue of the "Perfect Print" and my focus is on two of my favorite colors in the world coming together like a perfect chocolate and vanilla soft serve swirl: BLACK and WHITE. Black and white prints are absolute perfection.  The kind of pairing that you can do with a black and white legging is endless. Think about all of the toppings on that soft serve swirl that you can choose from: too many! It is pretty much the same exact thing. I chose to pair one look with a bright and bold neon sports bra and I chose to leverage a graphic sports bra for the other look. I love both options, I think the neon provides a little more edge and the graphic sports bra that I chose provides a little more of a monochromatic look since it is also in black and white. In my eyes both of these are stellar choices. 

I am also here to tell you that outdoor recess has not come to an end, in spite of Labor Day being around the corner. With these looks, I will provide some ideas on how you can use your surroundings as your portable gym.

LOOK 1: Black, White and a Whole Lot of Bright

Being a yogi there is no way in the world I am going to let you start a class without a good stretch. Stairs are a great resource for a hamstring stretch letting you find a comfortable height and distance. These HOT pants are human performance engineering (yes that is a mouthful) and I purchased them at my favorite store where I pretty much feel like a kid in a leggings candy store: BANDIER. I just linked you to the pair below as they still have them but there is also a new and darker pair for fall which is also amazing, these you would have to get in-store but I linked you to check them out. I love the sheer paneling on both of these versions.

I decided to use the handle as my bench to do some wide legged push-ups. I like to do at least two sets of 8. I start with a slow set of 8 and then a fast paced set of 8. For an action packed outdoor work out, I would do three sets total switching between push-ups and squats (see below) for a total of 48 push-ups...heck, do an extra 2 and make it 50. Luckily, I had the support of Alala (I mean...what a fun name) in this bright and supportive sports bra. I also bought this at BANDIER, it's available in store. I love the surf like zipper in the back, makes me feel bad ass and so happy to know I don't need help in getting dressed (sometimes I do). Any bright top would look SICK with these pants.

In between those push-ups, squat it out. I think you should do two sets of 8 for each rep. Get your heart rate going by running up and down the stairs before you start this delicious push-up squat combo.

I don't know about you but I am feeling prettttty good.

Look 2: Black, White and SAY SOMETHING Tops:

This look also has a fun black and white bottom but the first one was animal like and sexy. This one is more subdued in the sexy department by the sheer difference in the print. Don't get me wrong a tight pair of pants and a sports bra makes pretty much any woman look sexy but this look has a more playful element to it.

I had to walk to the top of these very long stairs to enjoy this view while I sweated it out (always a perk, something high up normally comes with a view). I took an immediate quad stretch because I needed it and every so often, it is imperative to take a breath and soak it all in.

I focused on my arms in this work out. I used a bench to do some tricep dips while enjoying the view. You've got me mid dip below. Key is to let the elbows and NOT the hips drive the movement here. I also like to do at minimum two sets of 8. Slow for the first set and faster for the second. Up to three sets is KILLING IT.

These pants are from the PRISMSPORT fall collection. Also purchased at Bandier this links to the long version, I bought the Capris because I am short. I love the wide band at the waist. Their pants fit me like a glove and are nice and light weight.

I took a delicious reverse plank stretch and soaked up the sun here. 

Lastly, I bring my bands with me everywhere. I LOVE them better than a set of weights any day. Yes, I look like I am dying because I am KILLING IT. This is from STYLESTALKER lots of other places like LuLu's, Swell and ShopBop carry it. Follow me on insta @KOREbyKelly, I will be posting a quickie arm video so you know what to do with those bands before the weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed my perfect prints. Share yours with me on instagram or facebook @KOREbyKelly xoxo



Femme Yet Fierce

Today I am sharing with you a look from none other than Olympia Activewear. Can I tell you that I am OBSESSED. Like so freaking OBSESSED with this brand. Not only do I absolutely love every color, the use of neutrals, the amazing details but it also fits amazing. I am 100% Dominican from the waist down (50% IRL) so I have a hard time finding gym pants that won't turn me into a stripper in one of my classes. It is important not to distract your students with the landscape of your body; you want to inspire, not offend them. I love how this look has an element of class and some serious trompe l'oeil; my boyfriend wanted to be sure I was wearing a top when he saw the results of this shoot. This look is so sexy and surprisingly functional that I would gladly live in it if I had to.

I was doing research on Olympia and kind of praying that she wasn't of Greek descent. See, I grew up in Astoria, Queens and a lot of my very special friends are Greek. I even consider myself partially Greek in many ways. The thing is that Greeks really do think they invented everything so I was waiting for a very special friend to say "of course this brand is Greek, it is the best". That was a total paraphrase and a gross exaggeration; she does not speak that way (you know who you are) but essentially the conversation would have ended with it having to be the ultimate fitness brand in the world if it were Greek. Luckily, Kaili Lickle spared me that conversation and instead she is from Maui, talk about inspiration. And like many other amazing fitness designers today she was a fitness enthusiast who didn't like what was out there so she created what she wanted. Sheesh, I have an endless list of things I wish I could do that with and we just don't have enough time to go through that list today. 

I love that she named the brand Olympia (because I AM partially Greek) as it represents strength and femininity. Isn't that such a beautiful description? A light bulb goes off for me; I think that is the essence of  a woman's character. It is a balance that we work so hard to achieve; being strong yet uninhibited to own our feminine nature. MY GOODNESS, this gives me goosebumps. I feel like that is a concept that so many women struggle with today. How can you be strong, conclusive, firm in the work place or in more intense life situations but still feel empowered by your femininity? And how do you know when to use which: strength or femininity? I guess the goal is that you combine both for a very impressive cocktail but that remains a challenge. I get the sensation that femininity is oppressed more and more these days as we try and keep up with or even compete with men at times. This is quite the concept. For some of you it may sound like "sheesh what does this have to do with clothes or fashion?" but the truth is, clothing plays a pretty substantial role. I was fortunate to work for fashion/beauty companies before working for myself (now I pretty much wear whatever the heck I want, I'm not even wearing pants while I write this) and it was almost imperative to wear feminine clothes or the extreme man repeller cool stuff. I have so many friends who feel inhibited to show their curves in a manner which makes them feel feminine while remaining respectful to a work environment. They are not asking to go to work like they are going to da club but to feel like a woman. Like WTF? It's as if men were told that their shoulders are too sexy so they should wear an extremely loose jacket to work. Would anyone ever say a man looks to masculine in an outfit? I wonder how that would play out? Well now I digress. You get the idea though, it is so important to still be feminine in-spite of the challenges that we have.  Our softness, beauty, grace is so very precious. So I am going to praise Olympia one more time for making women who throw tires around in a Cross Fit class, bike long distances and punch bags like they are going out of style the ability to still feel like a WOMAN <cue Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin>. 

I will be quiet now and move on to some pretty amazing photos. Natalie, Diane and I went on location last week to New Jersey and we all made some beautiful magic together, thanks for sweating your butts off with me (one day it will be a beach in the Caribbean...dream big)

This is the T-Bra Nude, I purchased it directly from Olympia and they sent me a very nice hand written post card and that obviously impressed me (I love stationary and hand written stuff). The pants are moto jet bone and I could have sworn that I meant to order these in a different color. I got them on Free People (once again think I meant to order something else but I love them so it doesn't matter) and they are also on BANDIER and Olympia. I absolutely must have these leggings in all black for fall. MUST. I will rock them with cool sneakers, boots a leather jacket, big sweater...the list is endless. I've got my staples on too, Illesteva sunnies (she recently had a sample sale I couldn't make and I am still sad about it) and Stella Adidas by Stella McCartney sneaks (linked to something similar on Net-A-Porter).

I hope you embrace your femininity and fierceness this weekend xoxo



Practicing What I Preach

I justify my beyond healthy appetite for buying luxury bags and shoes to my boyfriend by pouting, whining and then finally reverting to the old tried and true line "I splurge on bags and shoes so I don't need to buy expensive clothes". I am sure you can hear me saying it now and I am even MORE sure that you use the same exact line FOR VERBATIM. Well since this is a safe place and he doesn't read my blog often <sad but true>;  I am going to be brave and just say it: THAT IS A LIE. I'm sure Murphy's Law will kick in and this will be the one post he freaking reads. I am kind of a mix. I sometimes buy some crazy/stupid things and other times I will rock a $20 dress like nobody's business. I'm sure I could take it down a notch; I don't need cashmere socks, Venetian stationary or the amount of lingerie that I own BUT it makes me happy. The problem is that I am simply a taurus to a T. I just really enjoy luxury and it doesn't have to cost a lot, it just has to feel good. I love a white tee made of perfect cotton and I can indulge in a bubble bath for DAYS. In my opinion, you've just gotta live it up! 

So today I am sharing a post focused on me practicing what I preach. I have taken some lovely bags and shoes and paired them with affordable two piece sets from none other than LuLu's. Less expensive pieces paired with great shoes, a classic bag and some major swagger result in total HOTNESS. When you wear anything with total confidence, you will look stunning no matter what it is, what it costs or where it comes from. Work it. 

I am VERY blessed to have a solid group of amazing friends. I went to shoot parts of this post at my friend Diane's house with the intention of raiding her closet and pulling together some of my favorite pieces for this shoot. I think it is so fun to go into someone's closet and match them with some of your own pieces for a different style. I will be doing this in a few future posts. After the pics read till the end for a quick segments on In Her Closet: featuring Diane.

Let the drum roll begin...three looks for you....

Look 1:

I love this grey two piece dress from LuLu's. It can easily be transitioned from day tonight. I would pair the skirt with a silk blouse for a totally different effect. The whole thing was $62 and I made myself look like a Park Avenue lady who lunches with my timeless Celine bag, Chanel cat eye sun glasses and a pair of Moschino denim pumps that I die for. All of the accessories are classic not trendy luxury items that I plan on having in my closet for years to come. Essentially, if I have a daughter, she'll have to wait until I'm dead to rock my stuff.

Look 2:

I love this super classic look that can be rocked at any time of the day. I also like that it is all black making it SUPER chic. This LuLu two piece dress was already was a steal at $44 and now you can rob the bank and get it for $35, YOU ARE WELCOME yet again ;) I made this look edgy by going to town with none other than Valentino. Valentino Rockstud sunglasses and pumps take this look next level. I am not a sunglasses at night person but I feel like I could push the limits a bit in this look. A Gucci bag with a good old tassel completes this masterpiece. 

Look 3:

By now everyone knows I have a white obsession so there is NO way a white-ish outfit wouldn't have made it into the mix. This one is kind of beige and I was really into the wrap around effect of the top. I would even pair this top with the skirt in Look 1 and I would wear this top with high waisted jeans. The fun part of these looks is that you can mix and match the different pieces with other items in your closet. They don't have this exact one any more but linking you to another white one I love. Definitely check out LuLu's, they have some maxi and midi versions of these concepts. I decided to go neutral with the shoes which also helped in elongating my legs. They are in fact red bottoms. The clutch is an amazing Elie Tahari that matches the bottoms of these shoes...BAM. Sunglasses are Gucci and my look is nothing but fierce. hahahaha

Insider tip: I got these LuLu outfits a size bigger than I normally am, I didn't feel there was too much wiggle room and to be super honest the fabric is what you pay for so don't complain to me if your bum feels a bit itchy ;) 


I pulled some pieces from Diane's closet for this piece as I love to see what other items people indulge in and how I can give them my own personal flare. BTW, Diane is my sister from another mother....friends since freshman year of high school, we were 14 when we MET and you should have seen some of the horrible things we wore then. I will not comment on that because I will incriminate us.  In any event, I made her share a quick pic of her closet and answer a few key questions that I will ask every time I raid someone's closet. Send me an email if you have some stuff for me to raid :)

Kelly: What are the TOP 3 things that if someone took from your closet you would just die?

Diane: Currently, I am very into functionality and comfort, not to say that next month my focus won't change (Kelly: spoken like a very smart woman) but as for my current can't live withouts:

1. My Chanel Flats

2. My Louis Vuitton Cross-body Bag

3. My Black YSL Clutch

Kelly: I like how she is so possessive and puts "my" in front of everything. I also would have guessed Louboutins if we were on some weird game show where I had to prove how well I know my friend and in this case I would have lost....womp, womp.

Kelly: What do you look for in investment pieces i.e. shoes/bags? Can you give us the scoop on some of things you've bought?

Diane:  I invest in classic, timeless items that can transcend from year to year without going out of style. With investment pieces, I look for the simplicity in a piece. I feel like this is an important investment strategy when looking for shoes and handbags. My most recent purchase was a classic Gucci gold chain cross-body clutch. Originally $1200 and I scooped it up for only $400! This bag is amazing as it can be worn with jeans or a cocktail dress. Very versatile and totally worth the price.

Kelly: Okay so you should all know that Diane is in finance and is the friend who manages her money best. She was on her game since she was about 18. I was working part time jobs to fund my shopping and partying necessities and she was saving for an apartment. Also, she has done cost analysis on buying a Chanel bag i.e. when is it good to buy one, how it will appreciate, etc. I can see a Financial Fashion column for her on KbK in the future. Listen to her advice. 

Kelly: Don't hold back, what is the most ridiculous/surprising purchase you've ever made and why?

Diane: Is it sad that I feel like there were two years of my life where every purchase I made was ridiculous and surprising. LOL. Lately I have been less frivolous and more careful when spending however I am embarrassed to say that there are a FEW pairs of Louboutins that I "just had to have" (at full price ughhh) that just sit in my closet and stare back at me. They have been worn once and since my feet protested (with blisters and cramps) that is where they will remain!

Kelly: For a while, I thought she thought she was Lady Gaga. Enough said.

Diane....we <3 you, thanks for playing with KBK. Please share this post with friends if you enjoyed it. Another reason I love Diane is that her sister Nat is my talented photographer. This is one big happy family xoxo

Always happy to hear from you in the comments section. Check in Mondays for: Monday Mantra and Thursdays for my fashion pieces. Next Thursday are some great new fitness looks. xo


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Unleash Your Inner Goddess

I have quite the reputation for crying on demand as soon as a woman dressed all in white enters the room for the walk of her life. The sweet emotional tension is palpable. It's as if time has been suspended. All eyes in the room are on her but she only cares about a certain set of eyes; her partner's. Her partner anxiously awaits her at the end of that long and dramatic isle. As many others, I love to look right at her partner, there is nothing like seeing them overcome with emotion by her beauty and the effects that can only be achieved by a woman draped in a white gown. There is a timelessness to this tradition. There is an elegance and beauty that she effortlessly achieves. I have shamelessly cried even when I barely know the woman, all because the emotion simply overcomes me. 

Fast forward to real life, I am not planning a wedding right now, maybe you are already married, hate the idea of marriage or simply have no immediate intention to be married. In any event, I don't think that that the goddess-like look achieved on that one epic day (hopefully/maybe - one?) should be limited to just when you get married. I pretty much like to feel special every day if possible. That's why, I am encouraging you to drape yourself in one of my favorite neutrals: shades of white and embrace your inner goddess. I am sharing with you two looks that completely transformed the way I carried myself and felt while wearing these dresses. I just don't wear fairy princess bandaids, I every so often try to imitate one.

This first look is one that can easily evolve from day to night. I am showcasing a day time look. I can not wait to pack and wear this dress on an upcoming summer vacation that I will eventually take with my honey. I love that it is provocative yet it has boundaries allowing the dress to still be elegant. I wore a pair of gold leather sandals from Capri that I have worn to death and desperately need to replace soon. This dress could be taken up a few notches and easily work with a neutral wedge for one notch up and a nude pump for two notches up. This dress is from the beloved brand Iro and purchased at one of my most favorite stores Intermix. You can grab it on sale now but only if you hurry. Sunglasses are Gucci. 

This second look definitely provides more of a dramatic effect. I also bought this on sale at the Intermix in Miami when I was there with my sister. I had loved this dress since I first saw it earlier in the season. It is by L'Agence, a brand that normally knows how to hug every curve of my body when I have worn some of their more fitted silhouettes. I was further impressed by the brand via this dress. I love its cut and the sensation that it evokes. When I saw that it was on sale (you're welcome) in my size, I immediately knew that I had to make room in my luggage to take this bad boy home. Secretly, it is a dress I would have no problem getting married in if I end up eloping one day.

I wore a foot chain that I have been dying to shoot by Arme De L'Amour. I have good news and bad news. I got a killer deal on this on The Outnet which sadly no longer has it BUT the website still has it.... at full price. This look can be less dressy with a flat sandal; maybe something metallic, embellished or nude. You can also dress it up with a nude pump or I can even see a cobalt blue or red pump bringing in extra flare and breaking up the white.  The girl at Intermix Miami who helped us gave me a great idea. She said I could cut it short and then I went on to suggest maybe even tea length so it is not too dressy and can be worn more often. I like that thought but I am just not ready to give up its amazing length... just yet...

Thanks to Nat for the amazing pictures, I love the creative flow that runs between us. Diane, you are my sister from another mother. Thanks for the accommodations and help while we shot xo

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Baby, It's HAUTE Outside

Well in case you had any doubts, it is officially summer.  Once the news starts saying that elderly people babies and pets need to stay in doors, you know you are screwed. In NY the summer can be as rude as some people (DISCLAIMER: I am a born and bred NY'er and I think most natives are lovely, it is the non natives that I question sometimes---this place can break a nice person from rural America). Summer in NY reminds you that the sun is king and you are a mere pion in its presence. We complain it's hot but we'll complain even more once it's cold again.  With that said, HAIL the sun, HAIL the summer and let's get dressed to soak it up while it lasts. 

I am sharing with you a few quick and inexpensive looks that I worship as much as the sun!

Look 1: Easy Lounge Look

I used these American Eagle Pants (links to a similar pair) to cover up while reading a book.  A Victoria's Secret basic black triangle bikini top kept things monochromatic. I added a straw hat and long shark tooth necklace as some fun accessories. You have to pick your own book.

Look 2: I belong on a yacht

I saw the Pearl Oyster wear this bathing suit on insta and I fell in love. I just rocked it in Miami last weekend. I did learn that it DOES NOT provide full coverage. My sister had to wait for me with a towel when I got out of the water. The suit is from ASOS, maybe go for the black version if you like to swim? It actually comes in a few colors including red and teal. Very cute paired with shorts, I am really digging the pairs with pom-poms on the bottom these days. I rocked my Illesteva sunnies with this look and an over sized hat for extra dramatic flare. BAM.


Look 3: Sexy can be easy

I'm a big fan of cheap summer finds because you don't need to invest a ton to look cute in the summer. Invest your money in keeping your body fit and healthy instead. I picked up this super cute romper at Forever 21. I bought it in black but I think its even WAY cuter in white which they did not have in store when I purchased mine!!!! Shoes have been previously featured on my blog and are from Urban Outfitters. Sunnies also from Forever 21, they are a cheap knock off of the Christian Dior So Real Sunglasses. I think these were approximately 2% of the cost of the CD ones. Trust me, I like to invest in some sunnies but the very trendy ones come and go really quickly. The bag is vintage Fendi and was unconsciously on loan from Despina.


Look 4: Relaxed yet Polished:

Bought this look from my Forever 21 shopping spree which has been the gift that just keeps on giving. Not all of the same pieces are available so this is more of an inspiration look. Found some similar effect shorts you can check at the link. I paired trusty Converse sneakers, a wardrobe staple in my opinion especially if you went to NYU.



Bohemian Beauty

So first I am going to start by saying that it took me 3X as long to write this post. It has nothing to do with the topic and everything to do with the fact that I have an infected hang nail on my right hand (I am in fact a righty so this has been extra fun). Sounds gross and guess what, it is. Another thing that is 3X greater is the size of my once very cute finger in comparison to its counterpart on my left hand. I know that some of you may roll your eyes as you read this but it has had me put things into perspective this week! It makes me think about how you can make something SO small rule your entire world and ONLY YOU have the power to give it that much importance. Granted, I literally can't do certain things right now like get into downward dog and as you know, that is an occupational disruption for me. I also bring equipment to every class that I teach, try lugging stuff with a swollen hand.  In sheer size and in comparison to some of life's problems, I must admit that this one is itty bitty.  I decided to give the left finger to my right finger and move on with my life. Plus there have been a few advantages 1. I get to be my usual messy self without my boyfriend complaining 2. I am getting through more Hello Kitty bandaids than I ever would...she is just shockingly cuter in each bandaid you open and lastly, I have my middle finger raised so it spares me the effort. I get to be unassumingly rude all the time! I wanted to share this with you in case you had a hang nail, pebble or person in your side this week irritating you. Think about how it's is probably tiny in the grand scheme of things (like Pluto, I actually find its downgrade so disappointing) or there are probably some bright sides that can be derived if you just look close enough.

Now that you have seen the inside my soul today, let's move to the outside of me and what I wear (not as smooth of a transition as I had hoped). Today I am sharing with you how I have channeled my inner Bohemian Beauty. This look is very much inspired by none other than the queen of Bohemian cool; Rachel Zoe. What is cool about this look is exactly that, it is COOL. You can wear a maxi on a sweltering day, it avoids clothes sticking to you and it provides some sweet ventilation. I wore this one on the 4th of July because I knew that I was going to be a bit excessive which is another benefit of a maxi; the power to conceal things. You could legitimately hide something under there and no one would know. It is also crazy easy to pack so a travel must for me. I bought this maxi from another recent obsession LuLu's. I love the price, $38 and the deep sleeveless sides. I have a thing with lingerie and I'm into this dress' sexy peek-a-boo nature that reveals just enough. You can wear anything from your favorite bra, a lacy bandeau to a bikini top with this. I wore a staple black Victoria's Secret triangle top that I keep on hand.

For accessories, I wanted to go feminine and flirty. I layered on a body chain to still show that I had a figure and that I was not lost in the maxi dress. I bought this one from a cute boutique in Sag Harbor but found it for you, it's by gorjana. I wore a pair of Greek inspired gold sandals and a gigantic beach bag that I bought at Club Monaco a few years ago that is 0% practical so I recommend a smaller size.  My absolute favorite detail is a Missoni head band that I have had for a while. When I first bought it, I cut the tag poorly and the whole thing began to deconstruct and I had to get it repaired. I am strongly cautioning for you to be careful when you remove the tag or this headband will cost you even more than it should. I used it to tame my NEW luscious blond locks. I love this after a day at the beach when your hair is unruly. This is also a very easy and effective post workout look. My Chanel sunglasses have the perfect white accent to tie it all together.

Hope you enjoyed this looks as much as Nattalie and I did. It was crazy hot when we shot these but all for the love of KbK! Comment on anything you'd like to see soon. I have some more cute and affordable summer looks coming your way. 

Drag your ass to a class soon so we can target everything that you can see inside that deep sleeve ;) xoxo











Don't Break the Piggy Bank: Forever 21 Shopping Spree

Grab your imagination and follow me on a virtual shopping trip. No need to grab your wallet, I'll be doing all of the spending. It may inspire you to spend BUT this time you won't be mad at me. No need to dip into your 401K, we are going to the eternally trendy and wallet friendly Forever 21 for some fabulous looks. I will admit that sometimes I can spend stupid money on stupid things. I would like to caveat that I spend more on pieces that I can really transition out of the gym i.e. a Michi boudoir like sports bra, Norma Kamali statement silver shorts and Theory white pants that can easily be dressed up or down (you get the point). However; I do think that if you are hitting the gym hard and frequently, you definitely need pieces that you are willing to dispose of over time...I mean how long do you want to keep a pair of pants that have a sweaty crotch every time after you wear them (gosh I hope this is exclusive to your gym clothes...ewww)?!  Also, I don't know about you but I don't have a washer and dryer in my NYC apartment so laundry adds up. Having options is key so turning to friends like Forever 21 can allow us to flip the European model that I prefer to employ for other areas of my wardrobe: quality over quantity INTO quantity over quality.

So....let's go....

I decided to sport a Forever 21 sports bra and pants that I bought two weeks ago and inspired this post, I was impressed by how affordable (and sexy) these items were. I layered on an old Alexander Wang tee and tied an adorable knot to the side ;) I paired Urban Outfitters sandals that are so easy to slip in and out of when I am teaching. I bought them in store, they have them in black and white and will run you less than $40. Don't tell anyone but I took my pair off the mannequin because I didn't see my size.

I am looking fierce in my resting bitch face as I get ready to brave USQ which truly overwhelms me every day.   SPORTS BRA: $14.90 &nbsp;PANTS ARE IN STORE AND LESS THAN $25

I am looking fierce in my resting bitch face as I get ready to brave USQ which truly overwhelms me every day. SPORTS BRA: $14.90 PANTS ARE IN STORE AND LESS THAN $25

Now that we have successfully made it across the street and the madness of USQ and Whole Foods (I am not going to even address that scandal) let the fun begin...

BTW, I am in my 30s and I do not think that I am too old for Forever 21 because in my head, I am legitimately Forever in my 20s...Okay, I think I see some good stuff....

They didn't have my size in this   T OP: $10.90  :( but it's&nbsp;so funny! I may or may have not ordered it online while writing this post

They didn't have my size in this TOP: $10.90 :( but it's so funny! I may or may have not ordered it online while writing this post

I bought the   T OP  for less than $10 &nbsp;The   P ANTS  didn't look cute on my figure but super cute and less than $20

I bought the TOP for less than $10  The PANTS didn't look cute on my figure but super cute and less than $20

I am digging all of the mantras on their clothes....

This one is in stores

This one is in stores

Time to try some selections on so I can see what comes home with me...major caveat is that these rooms are a mess because there is no where to hang stuff.

I am totally taking both of these because I just love black and white:   TOP $17.90  and  BOTTOM $19.90&nbsp;

I am totally taking both of these because I just love black and white: TOP $17.90 and BOTTOM $19.90 

I am sharing my true me after 2 avo toasts :) Getting this   SPORTS BRA: $14.90 &nbsp; PANTS: $22.90

I am sharing my true me after 2 avo toasts :) Getting this SPORTS BRA: $14.90 PANTS: $22.90

I'm done and not excited to wait on a crazy line but I do...

Don't I look pleased with my purchases? I have my WTRMLN WTR in tote so I can hydrate after the marvel and madness of Forever 21.

Thanks Nat for holding my crap at the dressing rooms and capturing these great pics . Next week will be summer looks for under $100 :) 

Come see me at class soon! Click on the SCHEDULE tab, will have WTRMLN WATER in class next week for you to try xo