Photographer:  @Barbarajayy , Model:  @Aprildenise , Stylist:  @KOREbyKelly    Shop the look on:

Photographer: @Barbarajayy, Model: @Aprildenise, Stylist: @KOREbyKelly

Shop the look on:

I took my passion and finally made it my profession. When started my journey on the KORE Blog, I shared everything from fitness moves to my favorite fitness fashion brands. As a fitness teacher and enthusiast, I became thoroughly obsessed with fitness fashion. I would teach and then meet my husband for a drink or girlfriends for brunch and I still wanted to look cute. I spent my whole career in fashion & beauty advertising. Being dressed to the nines was part of the job and I enjoyed that. I wasn't going to change that part of me.

So I moved to San Francisco about a year and a half ago and I kept rocking my New York fit-fash style and people kept asking me "where did you get that?" and they kept asking for styling advice too. Before I knew it, I was providing KORE curations via retail experiences in four fitness studios in San Francisco and LA. I decided that I wanted to offer KORE curations to women everywhere in the US (I also have a lot of awesome friends and clients in New York). So, I launched, an online boutique led by style and driven by a performance based life. 

I hand pick every single item on the site. Literally. You won't get exhausted clicking away because I only carry a select number of items and brands. I do the hard work so you can go on enjoying your life. Think of KORE as your personal fit-fash stylist. If you like our style, you're set for life. I pick items with a street style lens. What that means is that I pick pieces you could wear a couple of different ways or easily transition them into other facets of your life. 

We are also consistently making magic...KORE photo shoots is where we get to show you how to rock it. I style all of the looks the way I would wear them IRL. I want to give you the inspiration you need to rock these pieces. I don't need to take a million fitness pics, you know that you can work out in most of it (some pieces are in act more lifestyle based) BUT what you want to know is how to wear it the 90% of the time you aren't actually sweating in it. Follow us on Instagram for a serious dose of inspiration: @KORE_Collective Because I like to blog and talk a lot (which also translates to the way I type), I am keeping the blog goodness alive on KORE Collective

I am super proud of this brand that we continue to create very single day and I wholeheartedly love what I am doing. I hope you enjoy the KORE experience and share it with friends.