Photos by  Elena Eshleman

Photos by Elena Eshleman

I've been very curious to take Theory+ for a test drive again so where better than on a Citi Bike. My first encounter was with a cool pair of white pique track pants that I bought last summer. They were great and kept me mindful of my squat game.

Since, I have been wanting to try their performance tops or fitted pants. Theory is know for its clean lines and classic silhouettes and it's a brand that I have always considered reliable. You know you can lean on Theory for elevated basics so I was happy for these items to deliver.  The fabrics provide a sense of luxury, the lines are clean yet embracing of curves. The crop top still needed a sports bra under it as it wasn't fully lined. The pants concelend just a tad bit more but any tighter and I would have overshared. I thought that a red top and bottom would have been excessive but the color red was just right and the silver stripe made it extra sleek. I'm pretty sure you can stop traffic in this outfit. For fun, I layered on some Norma Kamali silver shorts, this silver foil boyfriend sweatshirt can be an equally cool addition. The silver Veja sneakers took this look next level. 

So now, things start to get weird. I have no idea what is happing with this line. I got these pieces on Net-A-Porter and now I no longer see the brand there. I see them on sister site the Outnet which makes me think maybe they have some of their last pieces. Theory's website draws a blank and google has given me no investigative leads. If it's not coming up on Google, I simply don't think it exists any longer!?  I am not sure about this brand's future, I'll update you shall it resurface on my next hunt. You can grab similar crop tops and some other pieces on the Outnet. Don't sweat in them too much in case they become a relic. Heck if you learn anything, kindly let me know as I'd like to put this big mystery to bed now. It will be sad to see this activewear line forced to sit out by the sidelines should that be the case.