Let's face it, Brazilian women have rocking bodies. And not only are their bodies quente (hot in Portugese), they give zero you know whats about showing what their mama gave them. Being half Dominican, I have been raised to be confident about all the glorious gifts my maker gave me or in some cases didn't give me (the clay was mostly used for my lower half, they forgot my upper half). As a result, I have always been on the braver side when it comes to pushing the limits. In college, there was a Brazilian clothing store close to where I grew up. I bought a few pieces there and looking back on some of those pictures, I failed to realize that the freshman 15 or in my case Florence 15+ wasn't wearing well on me so my hem lines could have been longer and my size slightly bigger. But looking back I am also proud of myself. I have always been confident and embracing of how I looked even when it wasn't necessarily my personal best. Something every woman should be is confident, please embrace every bit of you!

So when I first encountered then Candida Maria leggings in a store, I kind of knew they were Brazilian before anyone even told me they were. I mean, look at them. They are screaming Carnival! They are also asking "please, please, please dance samba in me"! The new brand name is brazil//wear which is genius because everything Brazilian pretty much performs brilliantly (think the craze behind the Brazilian Butt Lift). So yes, the prints are pretty cray. They are a go to spring/summer brand for me, I also love the fabric. It's so soft and silky so you might be strangely touching your rear in public. I recommend you revisiting my booty work out video on YouTube so you can proudly flaunt your assets in these pants. Go on and strangely touch that fine booty of yours! xo

This fun shoot was captured in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.