When I pack for a vacation, I get super stressed. I don't love packing because there are just way too many decisions to be made all at once. I have also evolved into a different kind of packer, I went from packing six million emergency scenario outfits to the bare minimum. You know what I mean about the emergency scenario stuff "what if we get invited to have dinner on a yacht by Beyonce and Jay-Z? I should really pack that evening gown". As if. Those scenarios never happen and you get annoyed you brought that bulky thing which means you have no room to bring anything new back.

Instead, I now pack within specific color schemes i.e. all neutrals. An array of colors that will warrant many shoes = baggage. I try to pack as efficiently as possible. I want to eventually be declared the "carry-on queen". Although I have become ruthless with what comes with me and what gets left behind, I do not get cheap on space when it comes to packing work-out wear. Unfortunately, I have recently found that it takes up too much space, because I need just about one outfit per day. This brings me to my newest obsession, reversible pants by WITH. WITH stands for: Wear It To Heart...how sweet! I found these bad boys at Bandier and they have two different prints to choose from that offer the same awesome reversible benefit. Essentially, you could get away with packing 1 pair of pants, 2 sports bras (including a matching one) and find yourself with 4 options! Sadly that took me a while to figure out.

While styling these options, I also had so much fun pairing each print differently where I made one option look sweet and the other slightly sultry. Two of my favorite neutrals are in the print: black and white. Converse sneakers made one look more relaxed and Isabel Marant wedges took the other look up a few notches. I liked the effortless vibe of this Urban Outfitters denim anorak jacket which I promise you, I might make you sick of. Start planning a vacation so you can make an excuse to buy these. Love you, mean it xo

Photos by: Elena Eshleman