So when your amazing friend who is a talented photographer says, "hey let's do a shoot in the middle of the snowstorm", you of course say yes. I mean, there was nothing to think about. I thought to myself two things: how epic will this experience be and how amazing will these pictures look?

A fashion challenge had been presented. I had to source an outfit quickly. I knew if I ran into Bandier it would be a home run. It is generally impossible for me not to like something in that store. I had already been eyeing this outfit from KORAL Activewear.  It is olive green and I absolutely love that color. I couldn't help but think how perfect this color was going to look with my Sorel boots. I'm crazy but I'm not crazy enough not to wear warm shoes in the middle of a snowstorm. Sorel's are worth every penny. By the end of this shoot, I was pretty sure I was frostbitten everywhere except for my sweaty feet. 

The vision started to come to life. These lustrous leggings were exactly that, the shine added an extra element to the snowy backdrop. If I was going to do this, I was really going to do this so the matching sports bra had to be part of the equation. I needed a matching jacket for this look. I ran over to Athleta and I found this Derek Lam 10C Athleta Collaboration jacket on sale (man that was a mouthful). It also has shine to it! I love the high neck and detachable hood. This is definitely a post work out transition piece. It is a very sharp looking jacket.  Since this jacket has sleeves that fall at the wrists, I enjoyed pairing some extra long black leather gloves for extra glam.  A fur vest would make me feel like a true model in the midst of the storm. 

We froze, we laughed, we chased guys who skied down the middle of the street in the East Village. The sanitation workers were grateful for our show and we were grateful for their clean up efforts so it was a win-win.  In the end, you only live once....I enjoyed hot cocoa and Downton Abby upon returning home. Life couldn't be any sweeter.

Hope you enjoy these photos, bundle up! xo