I wouldn't agree with every outfit or life experience Madonna has chosen but there are somethings she has aced, like her song "Open Your Heart". Do you think "Close Your Heart" would have been a successful hit? Well news flash, it's not a successful hit in your life either. This week's Monday Mantra is easy. Take a moment to open your heart and with that you may see that your mind opens, your body relaxes and endless opportunities become available to you. The heart is the superior organ, not the brain. Yeah, I'm aware that the brain is located physically above the heart on your body. So what, that doesn't make it superior. Think about how many times your brain has made mistakes. It's kind of like the weather man of the body. It can get the weather wrong and still keep its job. How is that fair? On the contrary, every time I listen to my heart which sometimes feels like your gut the darn thing is always right. In this case, your heart is like your parent's sound advice you ignored and lived to regret. I could have saved myself lots and lots of "mia culpas" had I listed to my heart instead of following my know it all brain. 

Lately, when I meditate, I take a moment to honor my heart. I listen to it beating, I feel it beating and I give gratitude for it's immense capability to forgive, love, heal and keep me present. Living more within your heart center will keep you grounded and satisfied with the choices you make when you listen to it. My friend Deepak (I wish he was my friend...so bad) says that you should listen to what it tells you when you need to make a decision -- I'm totally paraphrasing. Essentially, get a gut check when you need help making a choice and give that overpaid and overworked brain of yours a break.

I have also been incorporating this philosophy into my yoga practice. I try to arrive at the mat present and unaffected by the physical outcome. When I do that, my heart sings (maybe even Madonna) because I let it lead. Check out an article I wrote for SF Yoga Mag on my experience with Bhakti yoga.  

Join the chorus and sing it loud this week..."Open your heart to me, baby".....wear a cone bra too if your heart feels like it!

Rock on xo