So, I guess you are wondering where the heck I have been? I must apologize as I feel like we went on a lot of really good dates and then I never called you back. I want you to know that it is truly not "you" and it has been all "me". 

Moving from one neighborhood to the next in the same city is already a pain in the ass. Moving cross-country is an inexplicable pain. I might as well have moved to a new country. It feels similar to when I moved to Italy well over a decade ago, that's how foreign some things truly are to me. Finding out that there are cultural differences within the same country has been so weird, it's something I didn't anticipate. Being a New Yorker, I was kind of cocky in thinking that New York is the center of the universe. I hate to tell you, but it's not. Lots of good stuff is going down elsewhere and just like New York other cities have their charm and areas of expertise. Taming that New York attitude has been interesting. You don't realize how much a place is part of your identity and how it clearly feeds into your ego until you detach from it. I will always keep many of my amazing New York characteristics but the truth is, I am in someone else's turf now so, adaptability is key. 

What I am learning the most about however; is me. I am learning all sorts of good, bad and ugly stuff. You learn where you have strengths and when you are just human which is not a weakness but something to stop and acknowledge. I didn't realize that my ego would spiral out of control when we finally got here. The ego needs external attachments in order to feed its identity. By physically moving, I have stripped away many previous "labels" and "identities". As a result, my ego is having a melt down because it doesn't know who to be. The beauty of this challenge has been that now, I am forced to look beyond the ego and into my higher Self. I can harness this detachment and reclaim my higher Self as worthy beyond the ego. In the end, the ego is truly no one and your higher Self is everything.

Another valuable lesson has been learning that I can't control the world. I am barely able to control any given day or when my freaking couch delivery occurs. I wanted to have everything strategically set immediately upon arrival and life just doesn't work that way. Giving yourself the responsibility to control endless variables is totally unfair. You are so setting yourself up for failure which can then lead to a variety of negative emotions. As a result of that amazing lesson, I wake up every day now saying that the day will unfold as it should. I will not have control over it but enjoy being part of its manifestation. Join me this week in living in acceptance versus expectation. The need to control is prevalent in many areas of our lives but it is a very unhealthy focus. Let go and live, that is where you can truly exceed.

In a nutshell, I have been MIA as I have been working through a massive transition but I'm here now, working through it and willing to share the journey.