Today I am going to share another issue of the "Perfect Print" and my focus is on two of my favorite colors in the world coming together like a perfect chocolate and vanilla soft serve swirl: BLACK and WHITE. Black and white prints are absolute perfection.  The kind of pairing that you can do with a black and white legging is endless. Think about all of the toppings on that soft serve swirl that you can choose from: too many! It is pretty much the same exact thing. I chose to pair one look with a bright and bold neon sports bra and I chose to leverage a graphic sports bra for the other look. I love both options, I think the neon provides a little more edge and the graphic sports bra that I chose provides a little more of a monochromatic look since it is also in black and white. In my eyes both of these are stellar choices. 

I am also here to tell you that outdoor recess has not come to an end, in spite of Labor Day being around the corner. With these looks, I will provide some ideas on how you can use your surroundings as your portable gym.

LOOK 1: Black, White and a Whole Lot of Bright

Being a yogi there is no way in the world I am going to let you start a class without a good stretch. Stairs are a great resource for a hamstring stretch letting you find a comfortable height and distance. These HOT pants are human performance engineering (yes that is a mouthful) and I purchased them at my favorite store where I pretty much feel like a kid in a leggings candy store: BANDIER. I just linked you to the pair below as they still have them but there is also a new and darker pair for fall which is also amazing, these you would have to get in-store but I linked you to check them out. I love the sheer paneling on both of these versions.

I decided to use the handle as my bench to do some wide legged push-ups. I like to do at least two sets of 8. I start with a slow set of 8 and then a fast paced set of 8. For an action packed outdoor work out, I would do three sets total switching between push-ups and squats (see below) for a total of 48 push-ups...heck, do an extra 2 and make it 50. Luckily, I had the support of Alala (I mean...what a fun name) in this bright and supportive sports bra. I also bought this at BANDIER, it's available in store. I love the surf like zipper in the back, makes me feel bad ass and so happy to know I don't need help in getting dressed (sometimes I do). Any bright top would look SICK with these pants.

In between those push-ups, squat it out. I think you should do two sets of 8 for each rep. Get your heart rate going by running up and down the stairs before you start this delicious push-up squat combo.

I don't know about you but I am feeling prettttty good.

Look 2: Black, White and SAY SOMETHING Tops:

This look also has a fun black and white bottom but the first one was animal like and sexy. This one is more subdued in the sexy department by the sheer difference in the print. Don't get me wrong a tight pair of pants and a sports bra makes pretty much any woman look sexy but this look has a more playful element to it.

I had to walk to the top of these very long stairs to enjoy this view while I sweated it out (always a perk, something high up normally comes with a view). I took an immediate quad stretch because I needed it and every so often, it is imperative to take a breath and soak it all in.

I focused on my arms in this work out. I used a bench to do some tricep dips while enjoying the view. You've got me mid dip below. Key is to let the elbows and NOT the hips drive the movement here. I also like to do at minimum two sets of 8. Slow for the first set and faster for the second. Up to three sets is KILLING IT.

These pants are from the PRISMSPORT fall collection. Also purchased at Bandier this links to the long version, I bought the Capris because I am short. I love the wide band at the waist. Their pants fit me like a glove and are nice and light weight.

I took a delicious reverse plank stretch and soaked up the sun here. 

Lastly, I bring my bands with me everywhere. I LOVE them better than a set of weights any day. Yes, I look like I am dying because I am KILLING IT. This is from STYLESTALKER lots of other places like LuLu's, Swell and ShopBop carry it. Follow me on insta @KOREbyKelly, I will be posting a quickie arm video so you know what to do with those bands before the weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed my perfect prints. Share yours with me on instagram or facebook @KOREbyKelly xoxo