I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready for a kick-ass week ahead! Today I am sharing a quote from one of the OG Girl Bosses: Estée Lauder. I always knew she was a smart business woman but I had no idea what a hustler she was. She found her passion at her uncle's business which is where she learned about beauty products and tapped into her had a knack for sales. She sold them to anyone from her friends to different shops. She launched her own fragrance by the age of 45 way before the feminist movement of the 1960s, I consider her a bad ass trailblazer.  You can imagine my excitement when I learned that she was from Queens, New York. I think I have a new idol. She is not only a representation of the American dream but a true testament to the fact that if you apply yourself, anything is possible. I think that sometimes we ask for a whole lot and we get frustrated when things don't necessarily come to fruition but a little bit of hard work does goes a long way. This applies to anything in life, losing 5 pounds, learning to cook, launching a new business, the list is endless. Do you really think it will just happen if you keep asking for it? If so, kindly mail me your magic genie when you get a chance, I have quite a few items on my list.

This week, I plan on having a little more hustle in my step. I plan on challenging myself to roll up my sleeves a little higher and get to work because old school work really does pay off. Here's hoping you have a week where you work for it and it feels really good. 

xo Kelly