Today's post is short and to the point. It's Monday yet again. This time, we have reached the end of August and the end of the summer will follow. The desire to change always symbolically aligns with the start of a new week, month or season. Everyone starts their diets on a Monday, gets back into "their routine" come fall, etc. My word of advice is start your diet on a Saturday, get your "routine" going now and stop waiting for specific moments to define your evolutionary course. Seize it NOW and define it YOURSELF. A lot of times, we wait "until" or "when" which makes us rely on external factors to motivate. Motivate YOU. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, it just may never come. Today is perfect and now is perfect because it is tangible and it allows you to be present versus living for an undefined and unreliable moment. This week, I plan on seizing each day for the tremendous gift that it is. I hope you join me. See you Thursday xoxo