Hi and Happy Monday! Yes...most people say "Happy Friday" but I think "Happy Monday' sets the right attitude for the week :) Anyway, what's the alternative "Sucky Monday"? 

So what's this Monday Mantra thing you ask....? I do something on instagram (which you should be following me on if you aren't already @KOREbyKelly) called "Monday Mantra" and it is a mantra that I select for myself to use as my guidance for the week. I decided to share it on insta in case it offers anyone inspiration, comfort or something to simply think about. I have been on a spiritual path/self improvement journey for a while. I must admit that I took the wrong path, got lost on the path, jumped off the path and then set the path on fire. After all of that, me and "the path" or better yet "my path" have made amends (meaning, I no longer set things on fire).  I feel that since I began to trust "the journey of life" I now see that the road ahead builds itself. It is almost as if every time I take another step, new bricks appear for me to walk on. It's as if the path and I are walking in tandem. I must however admit that there are many times that I think the path needs to build itself a little quicker. I don't want it taking lunch breaks, going on vacation or having a work life balance. I want it to build the damn road quickly. That my friends is my daily struggle. I struggle with finding patience and trusting that the path will manifest itself and be what I need when I need it.

I just spent a weekend in Miami with my sister. We rejuvenated our minds, bodies and sisterly bonds. It was also spa week so we indulged in a treatment at the Privai Spa at the Royal Palm. They did this awesome thing where you had to read and check off three affirmations when you arrive. You essentially had to sign off and agree to rejuvenate and relax (umm yes please). At the end, they had us pick an affirmation card and mine could have not been more perfect for ME! It is the extra nudge that I need to trust life and to trust everything that it has in store for me. The universe is letting me know....life has my back and that could not be a better mantra for this week.

Here is hoping you don't set the path on fire this week xoxo