So first I am going to start by saying that it took me 3X as long to write this post. It has nothing to do with the topic and everything to do with the fact that I have an infected hang nail on my right hand (I am in fact a righty so this has been extra fun). Sounds gross and guess what, it is. Another thing that is 3X greater is the size of my once very cute finger in comparison to its counterpart on my left hand. I know that some of you may roll your eyes as you read this but it has had me put things into perspective this week! It makes me think about how you can make something SO small rule your entire world and ONLY YOU have the power to give it that much importance. Granted, I literally can't do certain things right now like get into downward dog and as you know, that is an occupational disruption for me. I also bring equipment to every class that I teach, try lugging stuff with a swollen hand.  In sheer size and in comparison to some of life's problems, I must admit that this one is itty bitty.  I decided to give the left finger to my right finger and move on with my life. Plus there have been a few advantages 1. I get to be my usual messy self without my boyfriend complaining 2. I am getting through more Hello Kitty bandaids than I ever would...she is just shockingly cuter in each bandaid you open and lastly, I have my middle finger raised so it spares me the effort. I get to be unassumingly rude all the time! I wanted to share this with you in case you had a hang nail, pebble or person in your side this week irritating you. Think about how it's is probably tiny in the grand scheme of things (like Pluto, I actually find its downgrade so disappointing) or there are probably some bright sides that can be derived if you just look close enough.

Now that you have seen the inside my soul today, let's move to the outside of me and what I wear (not as smooth of a transition as I had hoped). Today I am sharing with you how I have channeled my inner Bohemian Beauty. This look is very much inspired by none other than the queen of Bohemian cool; Rachel Zoe. What is cool about this look is exactly that, it is COOL. You can wear a maxi on a sweltering day, it avoids clothes sticking to you and it provides some sweet ventilation. I wore this one on the 4th of July because I knew that I was going to be a bit excessive which is another benefit of a maxi; the power to conceal things. You could legitimately hide something under there and no one would know. It is also crazy easy to pack so a travel must for me. I bought this maxi from another recent obsession LuLu's. I love the price, $38 and the deep sleeveless sides. I have a thing with lingerie and I'm into this dress' sexy peek-a-boo nature that reveals just enough. You can wear anything from your favorite bra, a lacy bandeau to a bikini top with this. I wore a staple black Victoria's Secret triangle top that I keep on hand.

For accessories, I wanted to go feminine and flirty. I layered on a body chain to still show that I had a figure and that I was not lost in the maxi dress. I bought this one from a cute boutique in Sag Harbor but found it for you, it's by gorjana. I wore a pair of Greek inspired gold sandals and a gigantic beach bag that I bought at Club Monaco a few years ago that is 0% practical so I recommend a smaller size.  My absolute favorite detail is a Missoni head band that I have had for a while. When I first bought it, I cut the tag poorly and the whole thing began to deconstruct and I had to get it repaired. I am strongly cautioning for you to be careful when you remove the tag or this headband will cost you even more than it should. I used it to tame my NEW luscious blond locks. I love this after a day at the beach when your hair is unruly. This is also a very easy and effective post workout look. My Chanel sunglasses have the perfect white accent to tie it all together.

Hope you enjoyed this looks as much as Nattalie and I did. It was crazy hot when we shot these but all for the love of KbK! Comment on anything you'd like to see soon. I have some more cute and affordable summer looks coming your way. 

Drag your ass to a class soon so we can target everything that you can see inside that deep sleeve ;) xoxo