Well in case you had any doubts, it is officially summer.  Once the news starts saying that elderly people babies and pets need to stay in doors, you know you are screwed. In NY the summer can be as rude as some people (DISCLAIMER: I am a born and bred NY'er and I think most natives are lovely, it is the non natives that I question sometimes---this place can break a nice person from rural America). Summer in NY reminds you that the sun is king and you are a mere pion in its presence. We complain it's hot but we'll complain even more once it's cold again.  With that said, HAIL the sun, HAIL the summer and let's get dressed to soak it up while it lasts. 

I am sharing with you a few quick and inexpensive looks that I worship as much as the sun!

Look 1: Easy Lounge Look

I used these American Eagle Pants (links to a similar pair) to cover up while reading a book.  A Victoria's Secret basic black triangle bikini top kept things monochromatic. I added a straw hat and long shark tooth necklace as some fun accessories. You have to pick your own book.

Look 2: I belong on a yacht

I saw the Pearl Oyster wear this bathing suit on insta and I fell in love. I just rocked it in Miami last weekend. I did learn that it DOES NOT provide full coverage. My sister had to wait for me with a towel when I got out of the water. The suit is from ASOS, maybe go for the black version if you like to swim? It actually comes in a few colors including red and teal. Very cute paired with shorts, I am really digging the pairs with pom-poms on the bottom these days. I rocked my Illesteva sunnies with this look and an over sized hat for extra dramatic flare. BAM.


Look 3: Sexy can be easy

I'm a big fan of cheap summer finds because you don't need to invest a ton to look cute in the summer. Invest your money in keeping your body fit and healthy instead. I picked up this super cute romper at Forever 21. I bought it in black but I think its even WAY cuter in white which they did not have in store when I purchased mine!!!! Shoes have been previously featured on my blog and are from Urban Outfitters. Sunnies also from Forever 21, they are a cheap knock off of the Christian Dior So Real Sunglasses. I think these were approximately 2% of the cost of the CD ones. Trust me, I like to invest in some sunnies but the very trendy ones come and go really quickly. The bag is vintage Fendi and was unconsciously on loan from Despina.


Look 4: Relaxed yet Polished:

Bought this look from my Forever 21 shopping spree which has been the gift that just keeps on giving. Not all of the same pieces are available so this is more of an inspiration look. Found some similar effect shorts you can check at the link. I paired trusty Converse sneakers, a wardrobe staple in my opinion especially if you went to NYU.