Reflecting on my choice of pants these days, I think it's fair to say that I am having a party with my pants (note the careful choice of words, I said WITH not IN). The shorts that I am showcasing today evoke one thought for me: DISCO BALL. These pants look like a legit party. I can not wait to teach a class in them. I literally think I might be compelled to dance around the room. And I double dare you to buy them and not have fun while wearing them. If you can't have fun in them, in the words of IceCube "check yo self". I featured Norma Kamali last week and guess what, I am featuring her again because I truly love her stuff. She is a bad ass. According to my most trusted source (wikipedia) she popularized the shoulder pads in the 80's. I don't know how I feel about that specifically (although I do have some cool blazers with them) but kudos to someone who was able to make that  concept popular. I mean….let's think about it. Shoulder pads make people look kind of weird, like there is some sort of disproportion with their neck and shoulders. She managed to get people to try them and massive fashion houses adopted them which means she essentially put them on the map. That's freaking good. She is also famous for a "sleeping coat bag" that concept is ridiculous and genius all in one. I think that her attorney should look into collecting royalties from the the snuggie. Lastly, I will stop obsessing and share two more facts from her wiki bio: she made the iconic Farrah Fawcett Charlie's Angel red bathing suit: BAM and she is also half Lebanese and Spanish. I love mixty ladies (being one myself). I think its clear that I am girl crushing on Kamali and now I will give it a rest as I have successfully proved my case as to why she is so awesome.

Back to talking about this look, the shorts are lined so not as sweaty as they look. I got them from NET-A-PORTER but they went FAST. There is an XS still on her site  and I feel like if you wear a Small those can work. I wish I got the XS, happy to trade if someone wants to. I paired it with this cool OAK sports bra, I love the mesh over the plain white bra. I bought it on my other obsession these days: The Outnet they have some cool basic tees left from OAK. I layered it with a top that I bought at Old Navy for $14 and although that is a great price I am still pissed that it is now on sale for $10 - a sale is a sale. I'm rocking a new pair of Adidas by Stella McCartney. I freaking love her sneakers. They are light. I hate nothing more than a heavy sneaker. I needed some black sneakers because as I mentioned in the first sentence of this post, I have gone a bit bananas with my pants these days so I needed some more muted sneakers. I got mine on sale and they are gone but this is a slightly different version you can pre-order from Barney's. Finishing details are my boyfriend's Ray-Ban's, MZ Wallace bag that goes all around town with me and my KOREbyKelly mat WOOT WOOT.

Come see my in class soon, you can sign up HERE and maybe you'll get lucky enough to find me in my disco ball shorts!!!

Thanks Nat for taking beautiful photos and getting me to do things that make me uncomfortable like leisurely stopping traffic xo