Summer is officially here. For me, that means a NYC summer; which is very different than most places. Imagine entering a bathroom that is all hot and steamy from someone else’s shower and you have on a turtle neck, leather pants and a fur coat that can't come off. Essentially, that is how it feels living in NYC for about three months a year (every year). Plus there is an added bonus of all the extra cray-crays coming out to play. Something fuels the air with a citywide invitation for the obscenely crazy to come out and play.

I’d like to caveat that I am not complaining. I am merely stating factual information. I wouldn’t dare complain about  the weather after the Game of Thrones, Beyond the Wall like winter we had. I truly started to feel like a wildling myself. For those of you who don’t watch the show, why don’t you watch it? I am not going to even try and explain what I just said as you should be watching GOT so stop reading my post and watch it now if you haven’t yet.

Moving on to the heart of this post, the thing that fuels me all year long: the love of dressing for each incredible season in NYC. There is this excitement in buying boots and a new coat once it feels slightly chilly in September and there is an even greater desire to shed all of the layers once the heat is laid right on us. With that said, because it is sizzling, finding something cute and tolerable to wear is an art. It requires very special skills to wear as little as possible while not looking completely skanky. I wish I could wear my bathing suit and call it a day but because this is real life, it doesn’t go that way. I also wish it was mandatory to have an adult sprinklers in the park. It is really unfair that  1. you can not go into the park and get on the swings unless you have a child with you and 2. that kids get to cool off when its hot during the summer, what about us?

One advantage in my line of work is that short and sports bras are in fact acceptable attire for work. However; even if I weren’t dressing to teach a class, I would stick to one of my best buddies: the color white. Wearing light colors in the summer immediately helps you cool off. Try and stick to light colors and even lighter fabrics in order to remain cool all summer long. When selecting clothing and fabrics make sure that if you sweat through it, no one can see through it ;)

So I am sharing with you today another white look. I love this look because even though it is sporty, it has a very chic element to it. These Theory+ white pants are a home run in my book (lucky you, they have options on sale: insert sarcastic jealousy). I could wear them with endless options.  With a bikini top at the end of a beach day, with more WHITE like a cotton/breathable tee. I also love the idea of crop tops with these pants. I am curvy so certain pants don’t always flatter me unless I can show off my waist which is what I did once I ditched a layer. I threw on my good friend's (and bad ass KOREbyKelly client) T by Alexander Wang vintage shirt  (it's vintage based on how long she told me she has had it and it's still amazing). I like the blue and white stripes, it offers a nice nautical look. I then used the same Oak sports bra that I featured last week. I like that it has some extra coverage on the top with the mesh layer so I didn't feel over exposed when showing off my midriff. 

Last details are my awesome Adidas by Stella McCartney black sneakers. I love the black and white shoe laces (black and white is one of my other new obsessions lately). And if you're lucky enough to have one, do not leave home without your KbK tote bag!!!! Boyfriend's Ray-Bans were borrowed once again ;)

PS Kicked off my Kardio + Strength class on Wednesday and it was AWESOME. You have to check that out. STAT! 

Thanks bella Nat for the pics, love the red baby xo