Sometimes, I love to get into a funky print and flaunt my booty. Other days, I’m in the mood for something more demure; something that provides coverage for a covert French fry eating operation.  The beauty of being a woman and having so many options these days means that I can really dress for my mood which, tends to be similar to the weather: fairly unpredictable. 

I was participating in one of my most favorite activities: online shopping. I can't believe I am sharing this but I actually have this weird "window shopping" behavior. Sometimes I just browse and browse because I want to see what's new and other times I get satisfaction out of putting things in my cart and then not buying them at the very last second. It makes me feel like I shopped without really shopping. I think it is equivalent to going into a store and trying on a bunch of things just because. I am sure that I have some form of disorder and there is a psychological diagnosis for me but I will remain blissfully ignorant on it for today.

While I was enjoying my online shopping I stumbled on a cool white tunic from Norma Kamali on the Outnet. The Outnet has literally become one of my favorite shopping sites (owned by Net-A-Porter for those of you who don't know). They have so much good stuff (don't buy everything, save stuff for me). It was paired over black pants and a black crop top and I thought that would look so cool with some of my fitness stuff so I decided to give this bad boy a sporty look. You can wear it while doing a yoga or barre class or you can rock your sports bra in class and then put it back on when heading out the door. Now, I am officially on the hunt for more pieces like this where I can layer a sporty look into something more chic.

I paired this tunic with a very cool pair of Adidas Originals printed pants that I purchased at Urban Outfitters  They don't have the pair that I purchased anymore but I linked to another pair that I love and will most likely buy after I finish this post. The best part is that they are $35. I will however say that the material isn't super thick so there could be some coverage issues, the tunic came in handy for more than one reason. Under the tunic, I decided to keep it simple for this look and I wore a Gap Body white sports bra  and some knock off Birkenstocks looking shoes that I bought in Queens for $20. I'm kind of into Birkenstocks now. I think that in-spite of something being kind of ugly, when you see it so much, you get kind of conditioned to like it. It's really strange how I feel susceptible to propaganda now that I wrote that statement. I must publicly apologize to my friend who I shamed for wanting a pair and now I am featuring a knock-off look and admitting that I like them (you know who you are). My finishing touches are a Saint Laurent bucket bag that I got for my birthday from my generous and very patient boyfriend (for those of you know personally know me, you understand why I say patient...our apartment has officially turned into my office) and some Illesteva sunnies which I am obsessed with. If you didn't know, with Illesteva sunnies, you can get a funky color glass in them (like mine) and then swap them out when you are ready to get serious (never) for around $30-$35 dollars. Don't quote me on the exact number but I'm close. I tried on my tunic yesterday with some bike shorts and a sports bra and I loved that look too. I have a lot more ideas on how I will wear this puppy and look forward to sharing them with you xoxo

Don't forget KOREbyKelly class sign up is happening NOW. Scroll down for more info. Join me at class, I promise I will be wearing something cute ;)

As always, thanks Nat for the beautiful pics xo