I'd like to start by sharing an exciting announcement, I am kicking off classes in NYC staring June 16th. Come join me for a collective experience where we will work hard and generate visible results. Hoping to have the privilege to help you transform into the best version of you. Sign up will kick off on Monday June 1st. Classes are designed to be limited in scale so snag a spot sooner than later, check the "Schedule & Services" tab for more information.

Moving on to my weekly post:

It is officially summer. Although summer is not technically in affect until June 21st, Memorial day dictates that IT IS SUMMER. While some people strictly wait for Memorial Day in order to wear white, I am a rebel. I have been wearing white all through the winter. I was actually so obsessed that I bought an avalanche amount of white pieces this past winter. It must be the Olivia Pope syndrome that we all have since Scandal, man that woman wears white well.  In any event for those scared to pull the trigger PULL IT, now it's white haute season and I can't wait to see some more Olivia Pope clad ladies. One thing that I beg of you (I am on both knees as I type this) is to puh-lease get your undergarments in order. I should not see your underwear unless you are at the beach and then it is acceptable otherwise; invest in some commando, spanx or just go commando not the brand of underwear but the real meaning of the word. Use the last bit of advice very cautiously and apply common sense. There are SO many fun ways to wear white, I love to pair it with neutrals, grey (which I consider a neutral) and MORE white. It is easy to dress up this color and look chic in a heart beat. 

I wanted to share a sports-luxe look that I pulled together using white and grey. I have a hard time shopping for jeans lately, my butt, thighs and waist are not on the same page so it makes shopping for jeans impossible. I opted to replace the white jeans this season with a staple white denim skirt. I decided to try a new brand McGuire (at least new to my booty) and I really like the fit. Side note, check out the Tibi Silk Crepe Camisole that Saks paired it with when you click on the link that is a MUST HAVE in your closet. You will thank me, I promise. I have one in black and I wear it to death, I plan on buying the white STAT.  Instead, I paired it with a "sports bra" that can be stand alone or used as an amazing layering piece. For shock value, I have gone sans layer :) The high waist on the skirt goes well with this teeny-weeny sports bra so I am not showcasing my entire midriff (just a substantial chunk). I am pretty obsessed with the way that Alexander Wang manages to make just about anything  look super cool.

I added a denim jacket that I bought from Helmut Lang a few years ago. Pretty much anything that I buy from Helmut remains in my closet for years.  I added a pair of Aquazzura shoes that I bought last summer/fall (my memory betrays me sometimes). I got them in grey which I am apparently uncovering through writing this post is one of my favorite colors. I have been able to wear them pretty much every season because the color carries through. I added black tights in the winter. Had I known back then that everyone was going to go freaking gangbusters for Aquazzura I would have bought shares in the company. It is easier to  find a broker free apartment in NYC in an ideal neighborhood with proximity to every train under marker price than a pair of his damn Wild Thing shoes. I speak from a resentful place as I have not had any of my "wish lists" answered on various websites where I have shamelessly begged for these. Please do not waste your time falling in love with these, my best friend was in Florence on her honeymoon and looked for me. They don't even have them where they make them. She is a very good friend, I am sure you were thinking that.

My finishing accessories were a trusty YSL clutch the "Y" is still in "SL" here. This was a gift from two of my best friends when I turned 30 and it is an amazing staple in my closet. This baby has been my date anywhere from a dinner in the city to a wedding. This clutch is clutch. They seem to include a little more 3D action on them these days. I cut my hair, if you follow me on insta, you'll see that I am rocking the "clavicut" better known as LOB and as a result I like some ear candy. I bought amazing earrings from Alex Mika jewelry, they have super fun statement pieces that are really reasonably priced. Last but not least some old Chanel sunnies were the cherry on top, they never go out of style. 

With that said, I hope you enjoy the show.....


Here comes my two favorite colors, Def go with a high waist when pairing this beauty with something short.

These shoes actually have a very comfortable heel...they're not just easy on the eyes but also functional!

Sexy back...

Check it out, I AM SMILING!!!! For some reason the photographer likes me to look hangry. Those sparklers on my ears get me giggly :p

Special thanks to Despina and Diane for subsidizing a significant portion of these outfits via the one too many (now that we are getting older) birthdays that we have celebrated together. You gals hook it up, don't be surprised if you get more friend requests from this post. 

Thanks Nat for the great pics, lucky to be your muse xo