Start with you. This morning, this new day, this new week....start with YOU. The power that you have is unimaginable. Everything that you think and feel can set waves of occurrences into motion. It is very easy to look outside and blame external factors. It is even easier to let our ego (voice in our head) take over and let us live inhibited by fear and insecurity. If you take control by expelling negative thoughts and only welcoming positive ones into your mind, you will unlock all of the abundance that lies ahead. To live a positive and happy life, you must start at the very essence of your being. You need to cultivate a positive mind in order to live in that fashion. Yes, it takes work and trust me, it takes lots of work. But, once you unlock the sensation that comes from a positive mind, you will feel as if you can conquer anything. It will become your new norm and you won't have time for the negative BS anymore. Just the way you put time into looking great before you leave the house, hitting the gym, drafting the perfect memo at the same for your mind: put in the effort. Make today the start of turning your mind into a sanctuary of good vibes. Every time a negative thought comes in just say:" b%&*h don't kill my vibes" and move on.

May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be whole. 


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