So lately I care. And I care a lot. I care about so many things that I had electively turned a blind eye to for too long. I truly played the "ignorance is bliss" card but I no longer want to play that game because I care now. It is that simple, I CARE. I care about what I eat, what I consume and what I emit. Once you no longer want to turn a blind eye, be prepared. The "ignorance is bliss" saying is true. Once you are educated and no longer ignorant to what goes into your food, the products you use and the world you live in, a sense of responsibility develops. Mostly responsibility for yourself which is not a terrible thing. Once you look under the hood, you may decide that you want a new engine. Heck, you may want a brand new car. I decided that I am a smart and capable woman. Why am I deciding to remain ignorant on so much associated with my consumption habits? As a result, I am making some changes to my life. It's not happening all at once and sometimes I don't get to implement them every day but I have vowed to be more inquisitive so I can answer questions related to my own body, life and future. Spidey was right, "with great power (aka knowledge) comes great responsibility".

I would like to caveat that I am not perfect and I am not trying to be perfect. I don't even believe in the concept of perfection (sometimes I use it as a fun adjective but I don't really mean it in the literal sense). I actually spend most of my time working on fighting the "perfection illusion" (as my healer would say).  As a result, I have a mixed lifestyle that allows me to be exactly what I am which is human. Each day that passes, I try to improve in order to be the best version of myself. I try to eat "cleaner" or more "consciously", I try to minimize my carbon footprint , I recycle at home and in this case, I try to support companies with a great message when I can. Enough about me. I am here to praise The Reformation and their ability to create clothing with a cause. It is time to highlight their awesomeness.

So, you have got to love instagram. I kind of fell into the Reformation via Instagram and even Facebook.  I saw so many friends and amazing women who I follow on social media rocking this awesome brand. I was unfortunately a little late to the party. I say unfortunately because now i feel like we need to catch up on time we missed together. So I could write for another 3 paragraphs about all of the amazing stuff The Reformation is doing but in a nutshell, they are a Certified B Corp which means they use their business to help solve environmental and social challenges. For them fashion and sustainability is like soy milk in my cappuccino. They coexist in order to form a most beautiful harmony. They use sustainable fabrics, recycled hangers and have facilities source energy from renewable power suppliers. The list goes on and on. What they do for their employees and how they give back to their local communities is yet another reason this brand rocks. They have a petites line (under 5'4") which rocks my tiny yet wonderful world. My only gripe is please, please, please learn how to stock more. EVERYTHING RUNS OUT ALL THE TIME. People want to eat it up so just make more cake. You can check out some of the great things they do on their website.

I went to their store in SOHO because I wasn't sure how things would fit. In most cases it was pretty true to my normal size and in other cases I needed to go up one size. If you have a store near you, go try some stuff on. Otherwise order non-sale items online as you can't return the sale items (from what I have seen so far). I am sharing two things I picked up and love. I am sure this is just the beginning of items I will share with you from this great Brand.


Watch may just hurt someone with this number. I am rocking their Edison Dress and it hugs and loves in all the right places. It inspired me to pick up a similar body suit from Necessary Clothing that I shared in a post with you a few weeks ago. Reason why I didn't get the one the Reformation had was because it sold out (told you).

I paired this dress with black Louboutin booties, a vintage Gucci clutch, Celine sunnies and a red pout. I wore it a few weeks back to a Fashion Week event with a green/grey (hard to tell what color they are) pair of Louboutin pumps and I like how it lengthened my legs so you can wear this bad boy many ways. 

The material is thick enough where I felt comfortable, sexy and sufficiently covered. Don't dance to hard in this number with out a bra or you may show a little more than what you bargained for.

LOOK 2: This second look is fun and flirty. It's called the Robinson Dress. Check out how you can tie the top part in a variety of ways on their website. I also think this would be SO fun with some knee high socks when it gets colder. Weather was still warm and sunny when we shot so I went with my grey Aquazzura pumps, a nude Chanel and Celine sunnies. Nude is how I like it. There is a funny onesie like clip in the crotch area that I find amusing.

I hope you enjoyed these looks and I am giving you the best gift ever...the gift of having NO remorse when you shop. Now you will feel good with every piece you you are doing your part. In all seriousness, you are. Here's hoping you keep working on creating the very best version of the very best gift you have: YOU.

Thanks Nat for the amazing pics and Des for being Creative Director on set. Love you two too as much as I used to love Entenmann's cake before I decided to care about what I consume and now I don't eat it. 

PS Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel, last week's Fashion Video is up. I appreciate you sharing my posts, videos and insta with your friends too (don't be greedy). 

LOTS of <3 Kelly