Let's face it, it is getting cooler outside. The hot bod you worked on all summer is going to have a few layers covering up your masterpiece for the next little while. With that said, bring on the comfort. Summer makes me think of lots of leg, and body hugging clothes. I am kind of looking forward to going to brunch and knowing I can sit back comfortably because I have a big old sweater on my side. I am a health and fitness person so I am NOT saying eat everything in sight and slack on your fitness regiment but what I AM saying is be excited to embrace not being on display 24/7. I plan on enjoying the clothes that I could probably fall asleep in if I were put in a comfy corner. You are kind of a human blanket in some outfits. This look is inspired by just that (yes being a human blanket...no, I don't really mean that). It provides comfort and the ability to really layer it up as it gets colder. In spite of me using large and baggy pieces, there is a sense of looking "put together". Don't wear a stupid snuggie and think that is cool, that is never cool unless its your brilliant Halloween costume.

For this look, I was able to take a pair of overalls that I bought in the spring and even wore on cooler summer days and transition it into fall. You can add stockings or leggings under the overalls and even a sweater over the long sleeve tee as it gets colder. This is truly a versatile piece. I got these at Zara way back when but Old Navy, Gap  and Target has some reasonable pairs if you don't want to splurge on this item. I wore a long sleeve black tee that I bought at Gap what feels like a decade ago. In all honesty, it is probably charcoal (sounds better than washed out) by now.

I got these amazing booties at Zara that I love. I saw some similar designer pairs last year that I almost splurged on but the style felt almost too basic for the splurge. I am happy with what I spent and what I got on these. The booties make the look more "polished" I almost went with a black pair of Etoile Isabel Marant sneaker wedges that I recently got on the Outnet. That would make the look even more casual cool (I know you are wondering if that is even possible?). They come with hiddeous shoe laces in the pic and I was like "who cares, I will change them" and to my surprise they had an extra pair of good old plain black laces in the box. That is a WIN-WIN! They still have some and I was shocked till no end that a black pair was on the Outnet. Get them, they will be regular price every where else. HURRY. Finishing touches of this look are a poncho from Zara check out the pic on their site, they dressed it up really nicely so this is not just a casual-cool item. I rocked my Saint Laurent bucket bag because it's awesome. I wore some Ray-Bans and a hat I bought at American Eagle on sale (woop woop), they have some nice hats at good price points. I kind of feel like a celebrity in hiding in this looks (love that) or like I could guide you through a sophisticated and cultural tour of Machu Picchu which is pretty much the same thing. I'll be sharing lots of fall style in the upcoming posts and differentg trends and how to tackle. If there is anything is specific you want me to cover, let me know. Find me in insta @korebykelly and my youtube channel @korebykelly. Find and follow and share me with friends...greedy looks cute on no one.

Thanks Nat for the awesome pics. You rock my world. 

Hope you enjoyed xoxo