What's fun about the fall? Pumpkins which really get no play all year long except for Starbuck's exceptional pumpkin loaf (that makes me weak in the knees), apple cider virgin or spiked and slutty halloween costumes. That sounds like a solid list to me?! I also find it delightful not to fight as much with the clothes in my closet. Now, when I don't know what to wear I just put loads of things on. I literally start stacking one on top of the other. As it gets colder, you should see how many items I manage to squeeze under my pants (sounds dirty but I don't mean it that way...get your head out of the gutter). This is a perfect example of me applying the rule of "layering it up". When in doubt add tons of layers and accessories. You simply can not go wrong.... Well, use common sense ;)

In the first picture, I took the popular bell bottom 70's trend and went with an awesome pair of Rag & Bone jeans. It made me feel much longer which isn't hard when you have a 5'3" frame. Go with these that I found on sale at Intermix recently. They are slightly darker but the same brand and fit so might as well get the cheaper ones. I went with a cool nude palette. I took a blue cashmere turtleneck from my closet, a beige waist coat I purchased at Zara and a hat I bought in Japan last year. When it comes to cashmere, I always stack up when it goes on sale. A turtleneck is not going to come in or out of style, it is a pretty standard staple. I prefer to pay around $150 versus up to $400 for cashmere (just saying). I would keep my eye on Gilt, they have really good sweater sales and had one just a few weeks ago. I am rocking a round toe beige See by Chloe boots from a few seasons ago and a cool brown suede and fringe bag I bought in Croatia. I really like these brown See by Chloe boots this season, you can easily rock the brown with this look too. This picture does it not do my foreign bag any justice so I will have to share another picture of it with you soon. This is my "casual cool" day look. You wear the hat + sunglasses when you REALLY want to avoid eye contact with people. Sunnies are Ray-Bans.

I then spruced this up for evening or something where I would like to feel even more polished for by adding a fur vest and pointy shoes. The fur vest and pointy pump elevate this look very seamlessly. The fur vest is also in my closet archives, I must say that I think Intermix has a pretty amazing fur selection. This guy is a rabbit and doesn't break the bank too much (apologies in advance to those who find fur offensive). Look at the pics on Intermix, I love the way she tucks it in the back and flaunts her booty. The pointy pumps are Louboutin, these are a similar ambiguous color and I love the shape. I bought the ones I am wearing because they kind of camouflage and match everything. The Givenchy bag doesn't hurt in completing this look. I selected this pic from a few so you could know that I've always got my eye on you ;) The second one just feels fab, like "bye, I'm so important, I have to go". You get the vibe and I'm sure you rock it often...

I hope you like this one. Let me know if you have any layering dilemmas in the mix, always happy to help you. I could totally see this waistcoat with flannel or with a long sleeve dress, something bodycon would be sweet under this...the list and inspiration is endless.

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Love you, mean it. xo