This is way better than kale, printed leggings, the 7 minute work out or kombucha. Move over Gwyneth and Tracy, there is a new POWER COUPLE in wellness, you are looking at Katie and Kelly! Nutrition meets Fitness! WOOHOO. Do I really need to explain any further how cool and important this is? A few months back I featured Katie and some work that we collaborated on over at Refinery 29 (read that post if you haven't already, it is super informative). We collaborate on awesome corporate consciousness initiatives with amazing clients who know how important it is to offer their employees wellness solutions.  We have decided to up the ante on this relationship and move to video. I know, I know, some of you may think this relationship is moving way too quickly. Don't worry, I know what I am getting myself into. I can't obsess over this enough but our initials are exactly the same so this is KF SQUARED. I really wanted to put a little "2" next to our name but it has taken me an obscene amount of time to try and figure out how to do that on SquareSpace so....I have moved on. If anyone knows how, leave me a comment on this post ;)

So we both strongly believe and I must also say it is not a personal belief but a scientifically proven one that BOTH exercise and nutrition are the key to optimal health. One CAN NOT exist without the other. And I am taking this crazy class at NYU that has opened my eyes to so many things that simply reinforce that. Healthy Body = balanced diet, cardiovascular health and strength conditioning. It is as easy as any 3 step process, I am sure you have 10 more steps in the shower alone. There will be a future post diving into all of the details BUT simply put just because you exercise does't mean you can eat crap and because you eat "clean" or "healthy" doesn't mean you don't have to exercise. Got it? Life is all about balance and when you achieve balance, it will be harmonious. Can you hear the classical music playing?

Enough words, let's have these moving images speak for themselves. I am super duper proud to present our first video collaboration living on my YouTube Channel: Pre-Workout Snack: 3 Quick and Easy Chia Puddings! . You can get to the recipe details here on Katie's blog she has a lot of good stuff on her website so check it out ONLY when you are done watching the video :) 

I truly hope you enjoy. This was created with a lot of love and sincere passion for your wellness.