So it is now November. Forget about the fact that the end of this year is nearing, let's focus on the present moment. In this moment, we have started a new month. There is something very symbolic about a new month or any new beginning. It gives us confidence to let things go and to concentrate on a new and exciting "beginning". Beginnings bring with them so much hope and optimism. We should really take advantage of each new day and treat it in the same exact fashion. If we treated every single day like January 1st or the beginning of a new month, quarter, personal situation, etc. every day of our lives would be started with hope and optimism. Every day should in fact be treated that way, it is a new beginning. It is another day that you get to open your eyes, breath and take part in the journey of life. Letting go of "yesterday" is key in accomplishing that sensation. A lot of times when I teach yoga, I say things like "okay forget that last pose we just did, it is officially in the past and no longer relevant to us" because sometimes I can feel my students getting stuck on a situation that is only a blip on the entire span of their life. Life situations should be treated as such, something no longer relevant to the present. I mean this even when it comes to the delightful things in life. Be grateful for every moment in the present (even the bad ones) and you can move forward once you have made peace with it having offered you everything that it was intended to. We need to expend energy to hold on and we only gain energy when we let go. I invite you to let go and move forward into the present moment this week. 

This post is dedicated to my God Daughter James Ella who I had the privilege of being a part of her Baptism yesterday and my dear friends Estee, Despina and Andrea who are all celebrating birthdays this week. May you treat each and every single day this year as a very new beginning. May you be untethered by the past and only optimistic for the abundance that lies with each and every day ahead. I love each and every one of you in a very special and unique way that represents your own uniqueness to those you touch every day.