WOW, it is chilly on this beautiful Sunday but don't you worry,  I have the perfect means to warm you UP! My very first fitness video is LIVE on YouTube today!!! This is a massive labor of love <3 I want everyone to have the ability to enjoy KbK fitness regardless of where you are in the world. The first set of fitness videos that I am producing and releasing are based on my Triple Threat class that I developed and taught in USQ, NY this past summer. 

I call it a Triple Threat because it is 1 part Cardio, 1 part Strength and 1 part yoga in every body part segment. It is kind of like Beyonce who can sing, act and dance...ya' know?  I am producing and releasing the videos in segments so you can tailor your own playlist and tackle the body parts that you feel like tackling. The video library will be built over time so be patient, more videos will come. This first video is a plank series. In the video, I use a jump rope to pump up my heart rate however; you can switch in jumping jack, burpees, or high knees if you don't have a rope at home. 

The more love I get from you, the more videos I will make so PLEASE share these with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and give the video a thumbs up if it gives you a good burn. If you live in NYC and want to sweat it out up close and personal together, email me for personal or group training @

I am so happy and feeling blessed to be on this journey together xoxo