Fear. It is an ugly 4 letter word. It is probably one of the ugliest 4 letter words that you can say. I rather have you say the other word that starts with an "F". Heck, I encourage you to use that other word that we both know and use so well... I love using that word to strongly emphasize my feelings. But fear...that word is really the dirty one. It paralyzes you, diminishes you and makes you revaluate your self worth. No word should be given such authority. The truth is, we should not give it authority. A lot of times, fear is self inflicted by self limiting thoughts. When you say I'm afraid of "blank" a lot of the times that "blank" is something you aren't good at or maybe something that challenges you or maybe something your afraid of being judged on. Unless that blank is spiders (I mean who has 8 legs) you should face that fear. You should evaluate and embrace it. Ask yourself and be honest, "why am I afraid of this?" Truly answer why and see if you have misread the situation. Maybe you are perceiving something that isn't real. Maybe you are living in past or future tense without embracing the present moment. When you embrace the present moment, all fear disappears. It unmasks the stuff we are making up in our minds and it sheds light on our true essence which is to be brave. To be present. To be alive. 

Find one thing that you are afraid of and simply ask, why? And then see if maybe your perception is jaded. Challenge yourself this week to come into closer contact with that fear. Embrace it and unveil it.

wishing you light, love and courage