Get this: I’ve been living in San Francisco for less than a month and I am going to make a restaurant recommendation. What gives me the authority to do that, you ask? Because it was used as the backdrop of an event hosted by none other than the most legit guys in the restaurant review biz: The Infatuation. If you don’t know who they are, maybe you should question every food decision you’ve ever made. Like really, every single decision. You should also know them from the iconic “eeeeeats” hashtag they created. If you still don’t know, I give up. Go back under that rock.

I have had the pleasure of seeing The Infatuation grow into a cult favorite and a go-to trusted source. I have also had the pleasure of allowing them to help shape my dining experience in a new city. I’m concerned that I will gain a ton of weight based on how that’s going— good thing I am a fitness fanatic. When they say things like “there is going to be a long line,” believe them. I made the mistake of thinking they lightly made that statement or, typical me “maybe they didn’t really mean it.” They don’t do that. They really tell it like it is.

Last week, I joined this great event that they hosted with American Express Gold. I told you they had good taste—of course it would be with AMEX Gold. Together, they are doing a multi-city road show and celebrating 2X membership rewards when dining out and using your AMEX Gold.  Not too shabby.

The event was held at Tosca Café. I ate fried polenta, truffle cheese, some artichoke thing, home made focaccia, a market salad, bucatini, whole roasted chicken (not all of it, but not a little bit of it), crispy potatoes, asparagus, rainbow cakes and lots and lots of delicious booze selected by The Liquor Cabinet. I had to write it all out because I’m still shaming myself for all that I ate. Just kidding… sort of. I had no control and I was down with it.

I got to sit and hang with some super duper nice San Francisco foodies who have the most gorgeous instagram accounts. I honestly don’t know how they capture food the way they do, I just don’t. Also, you can’t be too hungry hanging with these talented gals or you’ll get hangry. They will starve for the perfect shot; they sacrifice themselves for the art form. Check out: @breadbunnie, @asideofsweet, @hollymatthews, @cyneats and @jennyeesf to see how it’s done SF style.

Lastly, I got to take home (besides some love handles) a bronze 4 in 1 bar tool designed by Izola.  This thing has more talents than J.Lo, it is a quadruple threat. I'll probably use it to break ice and as a self-defense weapon. I also got these gorgeous Oleg Cassini (I told you, very fancy) rocks glasses that will belong to my boyfriend when he drinks scotch. Heck, when we drink scotch. Come to think about it, I ate a ton and got presents. This kind of felt like Christmas without family.

Lastly, I pretty much hate it when someone calls or texts me for restaurant recos. I'm okay with deciding as a group where to go eat but I hate helping other people decide where they should go. You can personally ask me anything and everything about where to work out or where to shop but I am just not the person you go to for restaurant recos. I have writers who focus on food for a reason. I don't why but it simply annoys me. I feel like I am being put on the spot. I also feel lame when I don't have a good answer, makes me feel like I don't get out often (which is true). So stop asking me and ask these guys. They now have an on demand restaurant reco service via text message called Text Rex. A human actually gets back to you which I find very impressive. Based on everything I said, that would be my nightmare job and I would be fired pretty quickly. It's live in NYC and coming to Chicago, LA, and SF soon. If you are one of my personal friends, don't be mad. Honesty is key to every great relationship and now I have given you the gift of Text Rex. Love you, mean it.

These fantastic photos were generously shared by Becca Martin who lives in the Bay area and captured the event. Check out her cool website and insta: @bmartinphoto