Stop acting like you will get 100 do-overs because you won’t. You are not on an audition, this isn’t the practice exam; it’s the real thing. What am I talking about you ask? Life that is! We keep thinking we need to get it “right” or “perfect” it. There is no such thing as either of those things. What you need to do is just be in your life, BE IN IT. Get out of your head, get out of the past because if that didn’t help you then why is it going to help you now and get the heck out of the future. I remember day- dreaming in school when I was younger and it was usually when I didn’t want to “be” in a particular class. Day dreaming about all sorts of stuff and the future took me out of the present and “elsewhere”. That was fine for my pubescent self who did not understand the value of the present moment but what about now? Should we be dreaming and willing ourselves out of our current lives? That actually relinquishes your ability to get anything marvelous and great accomplished if you are literally out of your body and the present moment. Get back in there. Get in the game; it’s the only freaking way to find happiness. Be. Life is short, it is fleeting and in the end you will be that much more fulfilled knowing you were an active and conscious participant.


Go live a little. xo