This post, text and all accompanying images were created by Photographer and Contributor Elena Eshleman

Recently, I visited NYC’s first fully vegan creperie. As a non-vegan and lover of crepes, you can say I was a little skeptical. How can they make fluffy, delicious crepes without animal products? And what exactly are they going to fill it with? I might have been a skeptic walking into Little Choc Apothecary, but I walked out as a very happy customer.  

Let me start by saying Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg is one of the cutest, most relaxing places I had the pleasure of visiting. With it’s downstairs area flaunting welcoming window seating and friendly workers, it is clear why non-vegans and vegans alike are drawn to this place.

After a quick glance at the menu I knew I needed to try a crepe with their homemade “Newtella” and bananas. I paired that with some Assam tea (their tea selection was extensive) and found seating upstairs, which was decorated beautifully. Small plants sat at the windows and the walls were lined with jars of loose tea. They even promote local artists with a blackboard that rotates between different artwork every month.  

You could say I was starting to like this place. When I received my food, I was so happy with the presentation, I almost didn’t want to eat it (but I managed). Along with my crepe and teapot, they gave me a timer to help know how long to brew my tea. I thought this was a great idea, especially for us tea addicts, who simply don’t get the same attention that coffee addicts do!  

After shamelessly snapping a few pictures of the spread, I dug in. This crepe, which was not only vegan, but gluten free, using homemade and organic ingredients, was one of the best I have ever had. It was delicious, especially Little Choc’s homemade Newtella.

And what made the food taste even better? The fact that it was made from many locally sourced foods, free of chemicals, artificial flavors, and processed sugars.

The owner of the cozy apothecary comments on their website, “My goal is to make healthy, cruelty-free food delicious, and more readily available to an ever-growing community of conscious eaters, and anything-goes foodies alike.”  

Did this delicious crepe turn me into a vegan? Well, not exactly. However, I am happy to know I ate somewhere where the ingredients are local, organic, and cruelty-free. The combination of the wonderful food and cozy atmosphere made me thankful I choose NYC’s first fully vegan creperie.  

I guess you can have your crepe and eat it too!

Visit Little Choc Apothecary:

141 Havemeyer Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211