This post was written by Contributor Gabriela Del Valle


As part of this series, I’ve been trying a different fitness class every week. First it was SoulCycle, then Y-7. Logic would dictate that the third post would be about a third fitness class, but since I chose to sign up for Y-7’s two-week unlimited membership, I’m going to dedicate this week’s post to my second week of Y-7.

Like I mentioned before, I love Y-7. I love that I can listen to Drake and Fetty Wap while doing yoga. I love that the instructors don’t hesitate to correct your form if it looks like you need help, but also understand that everyone in the room is at a different level. Most importantly, I love the feeling of accomplishment that I’ve gotten from slowly but surely improving my practice, from becoming incrementally stronger and more flexible.

I notice a drastic change in my mood on the days I’m able to attend a Y-7 class; I feel more relaxed, more energized, and far less tense. Lately, I’ve also become aware of any tension I’m carrying in my body, especially on the days I can’t go to class. In order to combat this, I’ve started to do sun salutations in my living room on days where my work or school schedule prevents me from attending classes.

This week’s tips for other exercise virgins:

·       Take the lessons you learn in your fitness classes (be it SoulCycle, Y-7, or any other class you enjoy) and try to apply them to a daily routine.

·       If your schedule prevents you from doing a full workout on a particular day, work out at home instead. Even a little bit of activity makes a huge difference.

·       The changes you notice in your flexibility, strength, or resistance levels will be incremental—be proud of them!