It's a new month. It is also the second month in this new year. A perfect time to check-in and see where you are. I love the beginning of a new week, hour, month, year, you name it. Although I strongly believe in making changes in the present and not waiting for the "perfect" moment, a little moment never killed anyone. I love the idea of a fresh start propelling us to vibrate at a higher frequency. With this new week and new month upon us, ask yourself the three simple questions:

1. Am I going after what I want?

2. Am I even asking for what I want? Maybe that refers to asking someone or even asking the universe for what you want. Maybe you need to check in and ask yourself, "what do I want"?!

3. Am I stepping forward or standing still?

The only way to have answers is by simply asking questions. Sometimes, that is all that it takes...the willingness to inquire, explore and check in. This week, I encourage you to have a sit down with your self and ask these simple questions. Be open and receptive to the answers, you may just blow yourself away.