I started out in all caps because I am super excited to share that KorebyKelly now has a YouTube Channel! It is an environment where I hope you will have the opportunity to engage with me further and explore different kinds of content created by KOREbyKelly. The YouTube channel will have fitness, food, travel and fashion content. The travel & events content will be done in a vlog format sharing more of a "diary" like experience (I love diaries and I kept a diary until I was way too old). I am also gearing up to create an amazing arsenal of fitness videos so you can have the KOREbyKelly fitness experience at home. I'll also share my favorite fashion inspirations and quick and easy tips you can take with you regardless of where you go!

I would like the channel to be a place where you feel welcome to share your thoughts, questions and inspiration with me. I want it to be welcoming to everyone regardless of where you are on your health and wellness journey. I hope that you enjoy watching the first three videos: "Welcome to KorebyKelly", a yoga vlog "Yoga in Central Park and the Hamptons" and "Fitness Fashion: Transitioning into Fall". Expect new videos every Sunday. Please subscribe to the channel and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the content. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @KorebyKelly so you don't miss a beat! Would love for you to share this with friends!

Wishing you a happy and fulfilling Sunday xoxo