The summer is over and while we all mourn the bad ass laissez-faire attitude that the summer affords us, something about the fall gets us back into a routine. I secretly think that a lot of us actually welcome that routine. In New York, school is in session. But, I don't mean school for kids, I mean activities for adults that draws back all of the grown children from their summer homes in the Hamptons, NOFO, Fire Island, you name it. The US Open (now over), Fashion Week (wrapping up) and the UN Assembly (may never end) are all happening in this fabulous city in September. The Pope is even on his way here. I don't know about you but the Catholic school girl in me feels like I am being called in for penance of my summer sins. Yikes.

Fashion Week is a perfect distraction to make the beginning of fall a joyous occasion. Ironically we are actually looking forward to spring but the enviable fashion geniuses who have the craziest Fashion IQs show up to New York and provide us with endless inspiration from the front rows. I am sure you have shopped more than you normally do this week...who can blame you? Use your Fashion Week hall pass as a brilliant excuse to rack up points on your favorite credit card. Yes, I am the devil.

I would like to share with you today three looks that cinch and squeeze in all of the right places. Being a fitness gal this is a good reminder that just because bikini season is "over" (in my head it is NEVER over), it doesn't mean the diet is over. In fact, this is a perfect time to cleanse and get your body ready for a beautiful season that lies ahead. And who knows if you wake up on an island one day after a night of just really never know.

Look 1: Cinch Me

Just because it is fall, it doesn't mean I plan on becoming a nun. I will show skin and I will not cover up...just yet. I sing another tune in the frightfully cold winter. I'm obsessed with this look. I found this body suit at Necessary Clothing for less than $40. The Reformation makes a very similar one and is always sold out of it. I actually went to their store first and they didn't have it. I got my hands on something that accomplished the same effect and cheaper. Perfect example of "go with the flow", maybe the universe always has your best interest at heart ;) I bought some high, high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters. Considering I'm short, I am surprised they didn't reach my boobs. These jeans were $69. I am hooking you up. The accessories as always are like one to two months of rent (just kidding...kind of). But goes to show the right shell with the most perfect garnishes can achieve a splendid look. The bag is Chanel in case you have trouble seeing that jumbo bad boy (in which you may need to make an eye appt) and the booties are Louboutin.

LOOK 2: A little bit of a Squeeze

This look has a downtown cool vibe that can be easily be transitioned from a relaxed to a more polished look. The dress is from Urban Outfitters and it fits very nicely but the fabric is fairly thin. With this particular color, I wore a slip under not to give everyone a free show! I couldn't find it on their website but I bought it in stores earlier this week and it comes in black, coral and grey. It was less than $50. I paired it with a cool flannel shirt also from UO and $49, I tied it around the waist for an effortless vibe. I wore an awesome Rag & Bone hat, my Saint Laurent bad ass sneakers and Saint Laurent bucket bag. You must go to Astoria, Queens to Agnanti Cafe for the delicious frappe yourself. 

To transition this look into something a bit more "formal" or evening "appropriate". I took off the sneakers (just so you know takes like 20 minutes with all of those buckles), ditched the flannel and put on some Louboutin booties (from like 2 years ago but best investment ever). DONE and DONE. Just so you know, this material wrinkles kind of quickly.... Oh and how could I forget....I don't leave home without my J Brand leather jacket in the fall.

Look 3: A lot of a Squeeze

So this comes as zero surprise that I am wearing black on black. This look feels sleek and sexy. This dress pretty much hugs you everywhere and lets the whole world know if you had a big or small lunch (true story). I got this bad boy at H&M while I was in DC back in August. I LOVE going into stores that we have in NY in other cities to see what merchandise they get. Sometimes its different and sometimes you can find a size that you need. This dress was $49 and it has little slits for your thumbs which I die for. I've paired this look with the same accessories in look 2.

Don't expect me to entertain you here, I am drinking my wine.

This is me saying "No FAYE, I will not eat your tasty treats like brownies and chocolate covered strawberries".

This post would not be complete with out a very special thanks to Faye from Agnanti Cafe for letting us use her unique space. I grew up in Astoria and always love coming home. Faye has done something remarkable with this spot, she hosts local artists, singers, vendors for trunk shows, etc. She really does invest in the community she belongs to, such a great example. Oh and the food is pretty good too. 

Despinaki was may set designer and provided some great accessories, creative input and made funny faces for me to laugh. I would also be nowhere with out the genius work of my very scary Romanian photographer Natalia.

Love you guys, be good...the Pope is coming xoxo

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