There are so many things that can make a woman feel sexy and something that makes me feel super sexy is working out. I love being challenged, getting stronger and breaking a sweat. The most important part of working out is that it gives me time to work on the KORE relationship in my life and that is my relationship with ME. As a result, I sometimes like to take it up a notch and wear clothes to work out in that enhances that "sexy" sensation. After all, I am on a date with ME so I should feel and look my best. Sometimes, I like to wear clothes that compliment body parts that are more toned than others like my back or stomach and in other cases I enlist the help of friends like Michi to do all of the heavy lifting.

I have a lingerie obsession so I therefore; I have a Michi obsession. Lingerie and work out clothes had a baby and named her Michi. That’s the brand in a nutshell.  I had the pleasure of meeting this cool Canadian cat at Bandier Flatiron, they had a pop-up shop for her back in December. I fell in love with every single one of her pieces in her collection. I also loved that she was super chill and approachable. I will admit that her pieces can break the bank a bit but the outfits are SO easy to transition from: Barre to Bar to Bedroom (hopefully in that order) so you are really getting your money’s worth. Some of her tops are even water proof're welcome, I just gave you an extra excuse in case you needed one. The one place you may lose your money is when you can’t make your class or PT session because your significant other pulls you back in bed once they see you dressed. Essentially Michi won’t last long on if you are caught before you are out the door. Either that or you will get into a fight because your significant other will think you have a major crush on someone at the gym. All of her pieces make a fierce statement that will have you looking like a confident bombshell.

You really need to put your shyness aside when you get dressed in Michi because you may get a little extra attention when wearing her pieces. She uses a little trompe l'oeil with pants that look like you are wearing a garter belt and stockings. Some of her pants have sheer panels on them, some even creeping up all the way below the hip. Fishnet is a common material in some of her pants and in a lot of her bra tops. 

In the below pics, I am boldly wearing her hype bra top with her shadow leggings alone to start. I like this look for a barre class or SLT. Both methods make me feel strong, sexy and feminine when I practice. I added on a Nesh NYC top that has a sheer panel in the front which allowed the bra to show post work out and on to party mode. I added my trusty Isabel Marant wedges and an Alexander Wang inside-out bag for extra edge. I wore this outfit on a marathon day; I went to SLT in the morning, for brunch at Gemma and then drinks at the Wren and I felt great in every situation from morning till night. 

I'll be writing some more Boudoir inspired pieces so stay tuned. I'm also in Costa Rica this week so I will be launching my first travel/yoga focused piece next week. Pura Vida xoxo


Michi Hype Bra and Michi Shadow Legging online at Michi, you can head to Bandier to try it on in person if you are in NY and she is also available at Saks.

NESH NYC Top, they don't have black right now but they have some other fun colors on their site, Isabel Marant Wedges  and Alexander Wang Inside-Out bag, different versions available at Barneys or other department stores