These days, there are endless prints to choose from in fitness-fashion. I feel like we grant ourselves permission to go extra wild with our tights, something we would't dare do with our "normal" wardrobe. Lucky for me, this is my new work/life wardrobe so I get to be a wild child every damn day. I encourage you to go extra wild with your fit prints and unleash your inner animal when you hit the gym. I double dog dare you to take that print the extra mile OFF the treadmill and out to meet friends for brunch (or even have a hottie put you into overheat post work out ;). 

Although I am daring you to go wild with prints, I would say there are some general rules of thumb that I would follow similar to "don't wear a short skirt with a mid-drift top" and " it's either a smokey eye OR a bold lip during the day". With prints, you let the prints do the ALL the talking, the rest of your wardrobe should serve as back up dancers. Your shirt, shoes and jacket should not be the Beyonce, they are better off as the Michelle Williams. I think I've made my print point.

With that said, I'd like to share with you my "Perfect Print" from my newest crush "The Upside", ironically they are from the Land Down Under. This Aussie brand knows how to make a printed pant; their polka dot, cammo and leopard are all really fun to wear. I also find them extremely comfortable and they are downward dog approved by me. I paired this outfit with a good hYOUman tee that is irresistibly soft for the price point. The brand also has a great story, its founder started it in memory of his dad, the man he aspires to be. The one that I wore was super simple due to my loud pants but they have other great tops with inspiring messages such as "Thankful" and "Love Yourself". I'm definitely on board with this brand. Lastly, I paired this outfit with a pair of ecru Isabelle Marant wedges…I just can't get enough of her, I'll leave it at that. I wore my Givenchy Antigona bag (a statement on its own) and my trusty J Brand jacket that goes pretty much everywhere with me this season. Investing in nice shoes and bags while intermixing various pieces of all price points applies even in the fashion-fitness world. If you'd like to take it up a notch, pair your print with a bold lip, I chose the Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by Nars. My sister picked that up for me last year and it has been a make-up bag staple for me since. If the sun is out, I also tend to never leave home without a coffee and a pair of sunnies. 


Pants: The Upside; purchased on Carbon38, Leather Jacket from J Brand last season purchased at Intermix, I got mine on sale end of season, may be worth the wait!

Shoes Isabel Marant; found these puppies on major sale via  THE OUTNET, Sunnies are a few years old,  Bag is Givenchy which can be found at Saks

Tee: good hYOUman; purchased at Bandier in Flat Iron (e-commerce coming soon), the sports bra hiding under my top is Without Walls from Urban Outfitters love the price and the reversible function of this bra. I bought it in black but they only have floral at this time. The BOLD lip courtesy of Nars which my sister purchased for me at Sephora

Thanks again to the ever stylish  Natalie for the amazing pics. She makes amazing custom jewelry pieces that can be found on Etsy .

The "Perfect Print" will be a series where I will continue to share additional prints and how to work them into my personal style for some inspiration. Please share with me on instagram some of the prints that you rock @KOREbyKelly #PerfectPrint.

I am also in the process of booking some studios for classes starting in June so stay tuned xoxo