Today's post is late. Reason being is that I am getting my a&* kicked in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. I can barely keep my eyes open these past few days and I may have PTSD when it's all done. If someone says chatturanga to me after training, I may kick them.  I know you are thinking that is very un-yogi of me but that happens when you are sleep deprived. Today's mantra is not a quote by a fancy figure, it's something that I am discovering through this experience: 

-When you set out to learn something new, you may become the subject-

Yes, I am learning amazing stuff in this training. Like really AMAZING stuff and I can't wait to be a better teacher because of it. Ironically, what I am learning the most about is myself. A lot of emotions come up when you place yourself in an unfamiliar or new environment. There is an essence of vulnerability when you seek to learn more. You must first admit to yourself that you don't know it all, something the ego needs to be reminded of daily. Being in an environment with new people and new information can set you spiraling in many directions and I welcome this unraveling. I welcome my brain to absorb new information and for my heart to uncover underlying emotions. I invite you to keep learning, about YOU. While you seek new information to keep your mind, body and spirit youthful, may it dust off the many layers that lead to you. 


PS new arms video is up on YouTube: KOREbyKelly Channel