True story, I was SO MUCH FUN in my 20s. Pending my haircut and hair color, some years I was more fun than others. I went through a weird Joan Jett phase (let's never talk about that again) and there is a reason I decided to go blond again, you really do have more fun. I was also highly confused, I thought that bars were dance floors and I made myself at home on top of bars anywhere from NYC to Mykonos. I was the friend who would party with you until the club closed and it took no convincing to get me to go to after hours, I was there. FOMO existed within me before it was even called FOMO. I thought it was just the obnoxious voice in my head. I am pretty certain I will lose my hearing when I get older due to all of the speakers I danced next to (and even on) but it's okay as long as I can still downward dog when I'm 96, I'll consider it ALL WORTH IT!

So what about now. Am I boring? NAH. I will never be boring and neither should you. Yeah okay, I don't dance on top of many bars anymore A. because my boyfriend wants to run for President one day --PAUSE-- I am going to need an Olivia Pope for all this and B. because I don't need to go to a party, I AM the PARTY. HA. That was so fun to write out loud.  What I am saying is that I don't take myself so seriously anymore. Even though I danced around the globe I took my self SO seriously then. Now, I've learned that life is too sweet, too short, too amazing to take it so seriously. I enjoy every single waking moment and every beautiful blessing that I have in my life. If you stop and look around every so often, you'll see that abundance surrounds you. Moral of the story is that you should make life one big fat party but skip the hangover.

One way that I make my life a party is by fashion. I use fashion as an outlet to let my personality live OUT loud. I take risks with fashion. I wear gold and glitter and fur (you could probably hang me off of a FENDI bag the way I look sometimes). Every time I get dressed, I treat it like a daily adventure. Who will I be today, what inspires me? These are strange yet beautiful things I say to my closet in the morning (when it starts talking back, that's when I have really lost it). It is important to wear things that reflect your personality and the many things that you enjoy. If you wear, crocs, no judgement. I just hope you love to cook and maybe you stand in them all day.

So where is this all going you ask? Today I am profiling the amazing inflow Style. The reason I was inspired to share my party story with you is because when I first went on this site to get a vibe for what they carry, I could almost hear good dance music playing in the background. I immediately felt sexy in spite of whatever the heck I was wearing while trolling the site. The best part is that it felt more like an "effortless" sexy sensation versus a "trying too hard" sexy sensation. Leave it to Cali girls to help you feel that way. When I started to think of what "look" I wanted to put together, I was drawn to GOLDSHEEP and I literally said in my head "OMG its like a party on your pants". I wanted to get in a pair of these leggings STAT and go to a fun dance class. They make me a little nervous because I know I am going to sneak a peak in them while in svasana or meditation (btw you should never do that during svasana). I just feel so freaking excited knowing there are pineapples on my pants. THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Make your every day moments the party.

So it turns out that GOLDSHEEP means someone who stands out in a crowd. We were all made to stand out. ALL OF US!  (BTW, I am using lots of caps due to excitement and I am practicing for when I am hard of hearing one day). So get a pair of these and rock them like nobody's business.  The designer Keri Wilson is from Laguna Beach (so lucky). She started this brand by taking pics of stuff and then put them on leggings. It is a more thorough process than that but you get it. I LOVE THIS! Talk about another woman making life into a party. She took inspiration from the world literally around her. Fab. I love my pineapples but I had a three day (I am not even kidding) struggle over whether or not I should get the pineapples OR the Gold Lights Leggings. It still kind of keeps me up at night. Another true story is that I also had a massive debate on whether I should go black and white for this post because the Blue Life Fit cropped black and white leggings are also to die for but then who knows if I would have confessed my Joan Jett haircut.

For my top, I went with the Saucha Heidi Crop. It is on sale for the cost of an average boutique fitness class in NYC so get this. If you live anywhere else it is about 2-3 classes for lucky you. I also debated whether I should get the Saucha Ryan Crop  top OR the Frankie top. They are all amazing but I went with the Heidi because I was recently in Germany (just kidding) no but seriously, I went with that one because it has boudoir inspired straps and I will rock this under a million shirts even when I am not going to the gym. 

I topped this look with the Joah Brown Crop That Tee. The name cracks me up. I needed something basic and versatile like this. This will also go to the gym and BEYOND. And, it is crazy soft. I recently shipped back a tee-shirt I ordered from an online store (not this one) because it was polyester. That pissed me off. Who wears a polyester tee? This one you will sleep in. Checkout the GOODHYOUMAN Goal Digger tee. You know a lot of people may break their neck looking at you or give you dirty looks and then feel really bad about it. I find that so funny.

When it comes to finishing touches, the sunnies are DIFF. I know you are sick of me wearing my blue Illestevas all over insta. It's okay, you don't have to say it out loud. I know. I wanted something fun (of course) and I like the black rim with the bling bling gold. I added my SAM puffy vest that my sweet mama bought me for Christmas last year. They have a very similar version if not the same one again this year. Mine also came with a hood that is detachable. I love a vest, it is an amazing layering piece and it has endless possibilities. Even though the French brands may be too cool for school, I made them indulge in a little bit of balloon action with me. I added my Isabel Marant Etoile sneakers and my Saint Laurent bucket bag. Two items that you would need to claw off of me. 

All in all, this site has ridiculous stuff because it is curated by a team of two beautiful sisters inside and out (look at their picture, it is really not normal how beautiful they are)  who have sick taste and know how to live life to the fullest. The below picture is of them in Ibiza. Need I say more? I am totally joining as the 3rd wheel next time. They are rocking Saucha tops and GOLDSHEEP Pants below so we are already on the same page. Their inspiration is bad ass. They played sports and wanted to crush it while not looking like a dude. So funny, I feel like this comes up so much for us ladies lately. Sadly, it goes beyond sports and in some cases into the board room. Femininity should be embraced so I am loving these ladies for exactly that. Their #1 goal is "to help women be the best version of themselves and understand that having the ability to workout and eat heathy is a BLESSING when it is so often looked at as a chore". UMM that won my heart over. It's all about perspective you have a beautiful mind, body and soul, it is truly a blessing to have the privilege of taking care of it. I am girl crushing. 

Links below. Thanks Nat for indulging my balloon request. Love you all. Mean it. xo