It has been an emotionally tough weekend for many of us. The attacks in Paris were nothing short of devastating. One can only feel sadness when facing the reality that this is the very world we live in. I continue to send love and prayers to everyone there and around the world who is in the midst of true suffering and I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to send loving vibrations. 

Times like this, it is truly important to kiss the ground you walk on, tell your loves how much they mean to you and rejoice for each new day that life has to offer. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes acts of terror and violence to bring us back into the present moment. It should not take tragedy for someone to have gratitude for the abundance in their life. We should be in a constant state of gratitude and presence. Each and every one of us has abundance in our lives. Open your eyes, ears and heart to the possibility of understanding what true abundance is. Look for the good in your life today and every day in order to manifest more abundance and to enjoy the life that has been gifted to you.

Sending much love and compassion to you and our brothers and sisters around the world.