Well, the holiday season is practically upon us so I am sure that you are going to need plenty of inspiration in the upcoming weeks. Being that it is almost Thanksgiving I am in a giving mood. I'll be sharing some awesome looks in the upcoming weeks you can rock this holiday season and any time you feel like looking like a fox.  A lot of these looks will make sure that you are the mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and apple pie of the party. I make that reference because I don't eat turkey and those are literally my favorite items on Thanksgiving. I'm jumping the gun and dreaming of Thanksgiving already. I need to SLOW down but I can't help myself with the Farmer's Market outside my apartment selling cider, pumpkins and pies (OH MY).  Until then, be conscious of your diet because these looks are ready to hug every little curve on that sweet bod. Let the parade begin. Scroll down to the end of the post for some links on these items, both central pieces were inspired by Nasty Gal. Thanks Nat and my hometown Astoria for the endless inspiration. Love you, mean it.


This little number is tastier than the infamous dessert. This dress is from Nasty Gal, they know how to create the right balance between sexy and edgy. I totally vibe that. I paired this number with black opaque tights so you can't see what I had for lunch in this picture (well, hopefully not) and some Christian Loubies. I like the bootie for a less formal look, I would rock a pump if I wanted to do the impossible and take this up a notch. I put on some statement earrings that I already had, they happened to just match perfectly. They don't get a lot of play from me so I was excited to wear them. I think: GO BIG OR GO HOME with this look. Who wears velvet on a basic day? A little fur, Chanel and a red lip can never steer you wrong. Don't be afraid to be as decadent as a red velvet cake when rocking a look like this.


Although this romper has a plunging neckline it has a more "conservative look", I am obviously using that term loosely here. What I am trying to say is that this look has more subtle sexiness to it as opposed to the red velvet body con dress. Got me? I am rocking this Nasty Gal romper with the same opaque tights and booties. I added on a structured blazer that I scored last year at Intermix by Marissa Webb. Most structured blazers would work with this look. The earrings are also another pair that I found in my jewelry box that I hadn't worn in ages. I don't wear my opulent pieces often but once again, the velvet and plunging neck line compelled me to accessorize. Velvet brings out the baroque in me so I also added a gold clutch that I have had probably since the 17th century. I think that both of these looks are so fun because you can take risks that you normally wouldn't. You live once, might as well wear some velvet. Don't be afraid to add some garnishes!

blue velvet 2.jpg