It's all about that fringe, fringe, fringe....that's the song I play in my head when I think about fringe. After all, it's party like quality makes me feel like it deserves its own anthem. Fringe is the perfect fall pick me up. It adds a layer of fun to any look this season. And the range is big, you can rock fringe boots, purses, jackets, skirts, tops, and I am sure that someone has come out with fringe knickers for after hours. If not, I may go into production immediately. The combination that gives me heart palpitations from sheer excitement would have to be fringe leather. Need I say more?

One very simple word of advice when wearing fringe and I hope to God this is an obvious one but don't wear multiple fringe items at once. Okay there I said it. I am sorry if that was like ridiculously obvious but I had to say it. It is like any high velocity trend: A LONER. Big trends don't like company, they want to be alone and stand out like the narcissist that they are. I would also "help" them stand out by wearing slightly understated items. Essentially let them be the primadonna that they are. 

In this look, I rocked an AHHHMAZING  Zara sweater that truly makes me smile just by looking at it. It has awesome long fringe in a faux leather. I paired this with black head to toe leather. Understated yet edgy. I let the fringe own the spot light. I am rocking a few items that I already had in my closet as staples. If you click on the Pinterest link below, check out my "Fringetastic" board, I put together some items in different ranges that can help you achieve this look. The skirt is Narcissco Rodriguez , the black leather crop top is anonymous. Some shy guy decided not to put a label in the thing so sorry, can't help you there.  The sick boots are Prada. They are one of my Top 10 favorite purchases of all time. I am also wearing another Top 10 on that list, my Chanel cross-body bag. I topped this off with a red lip courtesy of Nars: Cruela and some Chanel sunnies that I own. You have to bring your own swagger. Bring the swagger because the fringe loves to move in the wind. 

Hope you enjoyed this. Leave me some love and tell me that you did. It gets lonely talking to myself out loud here AND follow me on insta stop trying to play coy, follow me already.

Thanks Nat for humoring me and letting me twirl around in the street like a big kid.