Lots of weird things are happening. First of all, it's leap year. There is this one extra day every 4 years as a corrective means to account for the sun not orbiting around the earth in exactly 365 days. This comes from the source that I trust above all other sources; wikipedia

Also, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar last night in case you are still living under a rock this morning. You may stop reading now and never read my blog again when I say, I am not a big fan of Leo. Sorry, I just never have been. I've pegged him as smug since Growing Pains. I know, it is totally unfair to judge someone you do not know. I kind of act like a snubbed Victoria's Secret model and I have no explanation for it. Although, I am not about to start a fan club for him, I am happy the poor guy finally won an Oscar after 6 nominations. If I were him, I would retire if I didn't win this time around. Another thing I will reluctantly admit is that I really liked his speech. He said "I do not take tonight for granted". I love that! Okay, maybe I'll start to appreciate him more. To openly admit not taking something for granted when you are a millionaire and can do pretty much whatever you want and have people still love you is so humble and spiritually impressive. Shows he's a man living in the present and showing gratitude for all of life's blessings.

I went to a hot yoga class this morning taught by a friend and I took Leo's advice (we are definitely on a first name basis now). I took nothing for granted. I enjoyed the birds chirping at 6:30 am, the farmers setting up for the market and the warm sun on my face. In my humble opinion, the sun is orbiting just fine. 

My mantra for this week: don't take TODAY for granted. Another symbolic gesture being that it is a leap year and all, course correct here and now! Even the glorious sun, doesn't get it perfectly right. Take a moment to forgive some of the "mistakes" you have made recently, let them go and begin a new path to orbit on starting TODAY.

Wishing you love, light and a smooth orbit around the most precious thing you have...life! xo