Reprogram your mind. Eradicate negative patterns by removing certain words from your inner monologue. Words like can't and won't will weigh you down and take you further and further away from reaching any of your goals. Fear of judgment and acceptance make us default to some of these words. The possible becomes impossible when we fuel fear. Fear can be crippling but can be minimized when you focus on the present moment. The past will cause you to identify with pain and the future will provide an unnecessary level of anxiety. Remaining focused on the present moment will allow you to nurture a better relationship with yourself because it eliminates the ego's incessant chatter in your mind.  You are listening so, when you say things like I can't or I'm not enough, you begin to create negative patterns and turn words into manifestations. 

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be kinder to myself. We place so much pressure on ourselves by trying to live up to our competitive surroundings. My mission is not to change the world externally but to change my world internally. Now, when I wake up every morning, I have a quick chat with myself. I do this before I am out of bed, check my phone or drink coffee. I let the very first few things that I hear and say be words of kindness and love. First, I give thanks for being alive and then I begin to say things like I am loved, I am kindness, I am healthy, I am whole, I am prosperity and I am enough. These are just a few examples of the things that I find useful; you can say anything that resonates deeply with you. In essence, you should be reversing all of the negative constructs that you normally say into positive ones. Once you begin to harness these positive words, you will begin to reprogram not only your mind but also your life. Anything you deeply believe becomes possible. We are always seeking to have healthier relationships with people in our lives and to fuel better communication why wouldn't the same apply to the relationship with ourselves? Join me this week on a journey to being kinder to oneself. Find the mantras that resonate with you and have them be the first words you utter every morning. As the day passes, if you find yourself removed from the present moment repeat words of love and encouragement to yourself. It will ground you and give you the extra push you need to stay focused and determined.