I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! The first full week of the New Year is now complete. This provides us with a great opportunity to stop and check in...Did you set unreasonable goals? Do you feel like you are struggling before you have even started or are you already surpassing the goals you set? In any event, no need to obsess whether or not your answer is the former or the latter. What you need to focus on is getting and staying on the path of accomplishing your goals. The way to do that is by setting small goals that are attainable. Small and attainable goals will keep you motivated all year long. Once you tackle a few, you will build trust within yourself knowing that you have the capacity to fuel and conquer them.

My mantra for this week is start TODAY. Set these goals and don’t wait for 2017, don’t wait for the “perfect” time before you kick-start your life. Simply, start today. That in itself is a small and attainable goal: starting. Don’t race for a finish line; instead, hang on for the ride of your life.   

Wishing you oodles of love, light and happiness this week xo