I think I have a new fashion boyfriend and his name is Derek Lam. If he showed up at my house today like the Publishing Clearing House people and told me that he would dress me for a year, I would scream like any of those people who won a million dollars on TV. According to wikipedia he lives in Gramercy. I am very close to Gramercy so I see a restraining order in my near future. So, I think you have gotten the picture by now....I am thoroughly OBSESSED with the Derek Lam 10 C + Athleta collaboration. I ran to the store in my flip-flops yesterday and now I have to wear more of my Hello Kitty band-aids (my boyfriend would argue that I thoroughly enjoy this). I recommend you putting on sneakers and running there too because this stuff is hot and therefore likely to sell out as quickly as a SoulCycle class. The reason I like this collection is because 1. It uses my most favorite fabric EVER a whole lot: LEATHER! And 2. It has a certain level of sophistication. Crazy prints are so popular in fitness leggings (and I love them) but Derek takes an alternate route and jazzes up the traditional legging via color blocking. This speaks to his high fashion roots and provides a richer look to each piece. I would be great on Game of Thrones or in the Caveman era because I would be very pleased rocking leather and fur for the rest of my days. The fact that I don't eat meat is a whole other problem that I would have had...but in any event, giving me a leather item is almost as good as diamonds. In the winter, I live in leather leggings. I have a black, burgundy and a navy pair. I have been lusting over a pair of olive ones that I saw at Intermix (my jaw is open as I type this). So I had to buy the pair that my new boyfriend made. They are sick. They are like a mullet...except there are two kinds of parties...one in the front AND the back. The front is supple and soft leather and the back is a compression legging. Check this out: NO swamp ASS. They have an adorable grey waist band that I enjoy and they are $298 which is a whole lot less than any leather leggings I have ever seen. Go get these and LIVE in them. I want Santa to get me the Downtown Leather Jacket. I am sharing that here in case Santa needs help. I also want Santa to know this is the first item on my list and there will be more so keep reading until December :) The leather shorts and joggers are sick too. I guarantee you will exit the store with at least 1 leather item.

In the following look, I layered a Helmut Lang bra and a grey tee (old staples I will never get rid of). I rocked my new Saint Laurent bad ass sneakers and an A.L.C. hoodie that I plan on living in forever (scored the hoodie on sale at Intermix over the summer and the sneaks at Saks). This is an awesome travel look for cooler weather. I would only wear the sneaks if you have TSA pre-check because they are a real challenge to get on and off. I have my trusty Rimowa carry on and Saint Laurent bucket bag for this look. I borrowed the sunglasses off of Natalie's face and she doesn't know where she got themsorry. I went the extra mile with a dark lip, just felt so right.

With this look, don't be surprised if you get confused for being a celebrity. Just saying...

The next look is totally different. I bought his green color block set and rocked it with a denim shirt to break it up. Its paired with Chanel sunnies, a trusty KbK tote and a soy latte from Breads Bakery (yum). I hit one of my favorite places in the world: the farmer's market to pick up some fresh veggies for last night's dinner.

Thanks Nat for my awesome pics. If you need pics, she is the bomb and I am not greedy and happy to share: bellaroxdesigns@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, see you Monday xoxo