I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and isn't too cranky that it is Monday. That actual concept flows very well into my Monday Mantra, a quote from none other than Queen Oprah: Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having MORE. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. Overall, we should be happy and grateful for the moments that we did enjoy over the weekend and accept that it is Monday without all the pouting. Being aware of the many blessings that we already have, in-spite of it being Monday can change one's entire experience all for the better. Changing your perspective and rejoicing in what you DO HAVE (which I am sure is plenty) creates a more positive vibration and welcomes more positive scenarios into one's life. 

My Monday Mantra is a place where I like to share my own individual journey and tools/mantras that I use to get me through pretty common internal struggles. I will continue to bear my soul with you this week but remember, this is a safe place so no judgement :) A few weeks ago, I was having a week where I was feeling very unsettled. I felt like everything I did and yielded just wasn't enough. And when I say "enough" it relates to the ridiculous standards that I have set.  It is so true when they say "we are our own biggest critics" sometimes, we just really need to soften and be kinder to ourselves.  I found myself having an introspective moment trying to understand what was going on. I then randomly started to think of all that I have and have already accomplished on my new path and thought: "wow, I am so ungrateful?" I realized how unfair it had been for me to keep asking for "more" when I have been so neglectful to all that I already possess. So many of us are blessed with so much. When you sit down to acknowledge what you have to be grateful for, you realize it is more than you probably thought. I already started this morning but moving forward, when I wake up, I plan on verbally saying what I am grateful for which normally tends to be as simple as the air that I am breathing on a new day.  Before going to bed, I plan on doing the exact same exercise and it can be anything from enjoying your favorite yoga class, that delicious meal you cooked or a tender smile you exchanged with a stranger. I invite you to join me on this exercise this week and would love to hear from you on whether or not it made you more present, grateful and maybe a little kinder to yourself. 

with gratitude....kelly xoxo