Today's Monday Mantra was inspired by a very dear friend. We were chatting last week about how sometimes all you can do is keep moving and trust that things will pan out exactly as they should and she shared this beautiful quote with me:

This quote comes from the dude who invented Zappos. I mean, I'm going to listen to this guy. He may know a thing or two...wouldn't you agree? Sometimes we OVER analyze everything. And sometimes, the answer does not exist in a book. Sometimes "answers" can only manifest in action. And sometimes that means you have to take a little risk or get out of your comfort zone. Simply put, sometimes you just need to keep it moving. And when you live life following your gut, you live it so very fully. My gut is always right and I have kicked myself plenty of times for not listening to it. So my mantra for this week is to give my brain a little break and every time I start questioning things or need to use the analytical side of my brain I am just going to DO STUFF (Nike was also on to something). So join me this week in, ACTING, act fully with your whole mind, body and soul. Let your inner intuition guide you.

Wishing you a very, very splendid week xo